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Reading Lights

Reading Lights

What types of lighting are the best reading light

Reading lights are a particular type of lighting designed to make reading as comfortable as possible. The best reading lights are wall mounted or attached to your headboard, meaning they can be easily positioned beside a bedside or above a reading chair, cosy reading nook to provide optimal illumination. They can also be an excellent space-saving solution, particularly in small rooms where floor space may be limited and ideally work in tandem with dimmers allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preferred level for comfortable reading.

Adjustable lampholders are also an essential feature, making sure you always have the perfect angle and can avoid shadows over your book.

What color light is good for reading

When choosing a reading light for bed, it's essential to consider the brightness level and colour temperature of the light. You'll want to choose a light that is bright enough to read by, but not too harsh or bright that it strains your eyes. Generally what works best for reading is a warm white or soft white light as it creates a relaxing and comfortable ambiance to any bedroom for comfortable and convenient night time reading. Studies have shown warm white or soft white lights with a Kelvin range between 2700k - 3000k work in improving the quality of your sleep and reduce eye strain. Anything above 5000k can have the opposite effect and be overstimulating.

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