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Pool Table Lights

Pool Table Lights

Pool Table Lights

Thinking of adding a pool table to your game room or bar? A sure-fire way to keep guests or customers entertained and lingering a little bit longer, it’s certainly an enterprising move. Having carefully picked out the right table dimensions to suit your space, the next essential step is to ensure you have the right pool table lights to complete the setup. In a low-light setting like a bar, overhead lighting showcases your prized addition, giving your space extra oomph.

Pool table lighting should be hung at a height that eliminates shadows and illuminates the table bed as well as the rail. At the same time, there should be enough clearance to avoid glare or contact with your head and cue while you play. So, what is the height of a pool table light? The recommended height to meet these practical aspects is 76cm (30 inches) to 84cm (33 inches) from the table bed to the bottom of the shade. It’s not just height that matters. Pool tables come in varying sizes, which begs the question, what size should a pool table light be? Among the size ranges, 7-foot or 8-foot tables are popular and are ideally paired with linearly arranged 3 light pendants (see sizing chart below). Other options we recommend include pairing double pendant or arranging single light fittings in a row. On a larger antique table, your lighting should increase in size accordingly. If your space has a low ceiling, consider linear LED pool table lights to allow unencumbered movement over the table. These size variations and corresponding lighting are especially relevant when you are updating or setting up a venue or rooms for snooker, billiards and pool.

While practical aspects are key, lighting that complements décor and atmosphere can enhance visual appeal and atmosphere. Peruse our collection of selectively curated vintage, Industrial, traditional, rustic, or modern pool table lighting ideas to to find your winning match.

Looking for an option that suits a range of room settings, we recommend Warehouse Industrial Chandelier as one of our favourites. 

Pool Table Light Sizing Chart

Pool Table Size Recommended Light Size
3.5′ x 7′ table 3 lights / 35″ to 55″ length (86.3cm to 139.7cm)
4′ x 8′ table 3 to 4 lights / 40″ to 60″ length (101.6cm to 152.4cm)
4.5′ x 9′ table 4 to 5 lights / 60″ to 80″ length (152.4cm to 203.2cm)
5′ x 10′ snooker pool table 5 lights / 90″ to 110″ length (228.6cm to 279.4cm)
6′ x 12′ snooker pool table 5 lights / 90″ to 110″ length (228.6cm to 279.4cm)

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