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Office Lighting

Office Lighting

What is the best lighting for office work?

The answer deserves weighty consideration be it for a workplace or a home office. As with all other physical comforts and ergonomics, optimum lighting can make all the difference. Bad lighting not only leads to eye fatigue, but also impacts your alertness and productivity.

Where there is reduced or low natural light, pay attention to primary sources of lighting, which are usually overhead fittings and fixtures. Linear lights or multi light ceiling fixtures can effectively supply this layer of lighting with an even spread of ambient lighting. For an added advantage, choose pendants or flush mounts with adjustable shades or spotlight heads to direct light where needed.

Desk lamps and floor lamps are vital for a workspace as they offer that all-important focussed lighting for detailed work. Highly task-oriented, they are effortless DIY lighting solutions and their portability means you can easily control the levels of lighting around your workspace. Swing arm and tiltable options of desk lamps and even wall lights offer versatile solutions for limited space. While they allow you to tailor your desk lighting as and when needed, you can achieve suitable levels of lighting for video conferencing.

A good part of your day is spent confined to your office, and enhancing its aesthetic character is a worthwhile investment. And lighting is a great way to do just that. Use picture lights to highlight a motivational poster or a collection of memorabilia to keep you inspired. Moreover, table lamps and floor lamps, come in a wide selection of styles, materials and colours to bring that extra touch of personality to your space.

While there are a multitude of ways to approach office lighting, it should be customised to suit your needs and space. Peruse through our comprehensive collection to tick all the boxes and ensure you achieve a productive sanctuary. For more information about office lighting check out our How to Light a Home Office guide

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