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Product Finishes

Brass and finishes

Brass features prominently across our lighting categories due to its many merits as a metal. An alloy primarily formed from copper and zinc, brass has a relatively greater resistance to corrosion and does not rust. Not only is it highly durable, brass is favoured for its bright gold appearance. Light fixtures contructed from brass often come in a variety of finishes to enhance and complement the metal. Each finish brings with it a distinct quality and character. Read further to find out about our popular brass finishes, their characteristics and how they add value to your brass fixtures.

Polished Brass: traditional lustre

This lustrous finish highlights the traditional brilliance of brass to showcase its value. Each brass fixture is first polished and coated in a high gloss lacquer that offers UV protection and prevents the finish from ageing. Avoid using abrasives and simply dust with a soft cloth to maintain.

Old Brass: character and soul

Producing an aged effect that adds character, this finish renders each fixture with unique features resulting from differences in chemical strengths and temperatures. The surface is lightly buffed and then treated by hand with ageing chemicals to produce a deep honey-coloured texture. It is then coated with a high gloss UV protective lacquer to prevent changes in the first days. Avoid using abrasives and simply dust with a soft cloth to maintain.

Florentine Bronze: old world feel

A traditional finish that imparts a deep, gleaming finish, it stands out on smooth surfaces and subdues excessive detailing. Chemically treated to produce a lustre, the surface is then coated with UV-protective high gloss lacquer that prevents tarnishing and further oxidising. Avoid using abrasives and simply dust with a soft cloth to maintain.

Antique Bronze: natural ageing

Producing a naturally aged effect, this finish varies with each fixture. The brass is lightly roughened and treated carefully by hand with ageing chemicals for a rich chocolate finish. Due to varying chemical strengths and temperatures, the finish imparts unique characteristics to each fixture. While it is left to age naturally and patina over time, avoid touching it as there is no lacquer coating to prevent finger marks imprinting on its surface.

Antique Nickel: classic finesse

This electroplated finish produces a warm antique finish that blends a traditional feel with lustre. The fixture is polished and plated in pearl satin nickel and lightly buffed to highlight design details. Apart from an occasional clean with Silvo, avoid using abrasives and simply dust with a soft cloth.

Satin Nickel: modern muted effect

Producing a brushed dull effect, this finish complements contemporary features and sleek lines. The metalware is first buffed for electroplating. Sisal fibre is then used on the finished surface to add depth resulting from brushed lines while preserving its satin colour. Finally, the UV-protective high gloss lacquer is applied to protect its smooth appearance further. Avoid using abrasives and simply dust with a soft cloth to maintain. 

Bright Chrome: modern lustre

Enhancing smooth lines with sleek shine and decorative details with ornateness, this finish produces a stylish result. Each piece is electroplated with a bright finish, which bonds tightly to the metal surface. As a result, it is highly durable and suitable for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Avoid using abrasives and simply dust with a soft cloth to maintain.

Satin Brass: modern traditional character  

The Satin Brass is a more modern take on brass, and as a non-chemical finish, the colour is extremely consistent. Satin Brass is grit wheeled (similar to grit blasting/sand blasting). Each metal piece is rubbed by hand against an abrasive spinning wheel to brush the surface. 



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