Crystal Lighting

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While lighting plays a vital functional role, aesthetically they are considered the jewels of a home. Crystal light fittings take this notion a notch further, imparting a wow factor through their refractive quality. Although the term crystal refers to a structural formation that has no link to crystal glass, the borrowed term merely signifies the sparkling nature of crystal glass. This feature is what makes these lights a popular choice particularly as eye-catching centrepieces. The result is a wide and varied selection of crystal ceiling lights in varying size, style and refractive capability.

In other words, a crystal light pendant can be a simple cut glass design for a subtle finish touch or a stunning chandelier to make a lasting impression. Our Savoy and Regent Crystal pendant lights are prime examples of the latter. Whether it’s simplicity or glamour you are after, browse our collection to find the right crystal light design for your home or business.