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Up TO 40% Off All Lighting Sale Ends 22/7!
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Porcelain Enamel Lighting

Porcelain Enamel Lighting

FSV porcelain enamel lighting. Nostalgic, classic styling. Strong, durable, made to last...

Striking in colour and design, our porcelain enamel lighting has remained true to its long history. What was once a staple lighting option in warehouses and factories during the Industrial Revolution, has since made its way into the homes, businesses and hearts of vintage collectors and interior designers.

Fat Shack Vintage porcelain enamel shades are made using the same traditional method in order to achieve that renowned nostalgic appearance. The love affair with this style continues forever onward, with an effortless ability to be placed into both traditional and contemporary decors.

Formed from a fusion between melted powdered glass and metal, popularity for porcelain enamel lights has flourished due to its iconic style and instantly recognisable appearance. The versatility of this lighting in form and design makes it suitable for use in an abundance of interior design styles. From industrial to rustic, the options are endless.

Vintage Enamel lighting can be used in many areas throughout the home; use as kitchen lighting above benches and islands, decorate a modern dining room table or even enhance and update a wall or pillar. Commercially, these lights look right at home in industrial style urban cafes or bustling warehouse breweries.

Unlike other finishes, which may gradually fade or age, the identifiable high gloss sheen of porcelain enamel can retain its colour even after decades of use. These are functional and practical lighting options that do not compromise on style.

We stock a range of classically designed porcelain enamel lights that will find a place within your space. Our range includes wall lights and pendant lights, all with their own distinct vintage industrial appeal with iconic black shade and gloss white inner. All available in a wide range of sconce and suspension types.

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