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Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs

From the initial first commercially available electric bulb in 1882 to the creation of the tungsten filament in the early 1900s, the Edison bulb has become an instantly recognisable and nostalgic globe loved by many Australians. These light bulbs will boost vintage appeal within your home or business, creating atmosphere and setting the mood.

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Our range of Edison light globes are a vintage reproduction of the original filament bulb, using the same traditional technology that was first patented by Thomas Edison in 1878. The term “Edison” is used to describe antique/vintage filament light bulbs with a carbon or tungsten filament that glows when electricity is transmitted through it. These filaments are what make these light bulbs so alluring and can enhance any space.

Edison bulbs are renowned for their nostalgic appeal and ability to fit within in traditional and modern styled decors. With a colour temperature ranging from 2200 to 2400 Kelvins, they give of a soft warm illumination. This makes them a unique bulb of choice for creating a lighting statement and atmosphere in any home, restaurant or bar.

When buying Edison light bulbs, consider your interior design style and choose from our wide range of filament globes. Our E27 and B22 light bulbs are available in with classic filament forms like the quad loop, tubular, round, tear drop or squirrel cage shapes and designs. With bulbs that are dimmable and available in so many styles, the design possibilities are limitless.

To add that vintage finishing touch to your light of choice, you can achieve an appealing and classic look using an Edison filament light bulb. Bring a warm glow and ambient feeling into an industrial styled bar, a cosy café or set the mood in a restaurant. These timeless light globes are versatile and will become a talking point in your home and business.

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