Bunker Lights

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Bunker lights come in a variety of designs and configurations for wide ranging uses, and they generally possess a sturdy and solid quality that reflect their robust construction. So, what are bunker lights? These lights are an adaptation of the hard wearing lights used in challenging environments such as underground mines and marine environments. They have emerged from this purely functional use in the past to evolve over time, preserving some of its vintage industrial elements. 

As a nod to its origins, outdoor bunker lights have highly durable builds that can withstand the elements. Marine grade steel, brass and die-cast aluminium are among materials that are commonly used in their construction. Many indoor and outdoor fixtures have signature design elements such as thick rims, industrial pipe-like forms and caged frames that set these lights apart. A glass dome or lens enclosing the bulb is another common feature along with a cage guard as an added layer of protection. Sometimes, the design can be far removed from this traditional design aesthetic, as with some LED bunker lights that have a polycarbonate build and convey a modern industrial look.

While typically vintage bunker lights are wall lights with round or oval shaped fixtures and fittings, the design is also repurposed for ceiling flush mounts and pendant lights. In our collection, you will find style statements ideal for homes and commercial spaces such as cafes and bars as well as simple and practical lighting solutions.