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Up TO 40% Off All Lighting Sale Ends Mon 15/7
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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can be used to redecorate, enhance and transform the look and feel of any space in your home or commercial business.  These lights can create an impressive statement for anyone visiting your space and can enhance existing decors. They come in a wide range of styles, colours and designs ranging from chandeliers and pendant lights to flush mounts and spotlights. 

They are a popular lighting option within interior design, commonly used throughout traditional and modern homes, urban cafes or city restaurants. They can be used for ambient lighting hung in stairwells, above dining room tables, and in entry hallways. Ceiling lights are versatile in their function, being used as task lighting in areas in need of specific illumination like above kitchen islands or above bedside tables areas. Or they can be used as general lighting hung kitchen tables or above office meeting tables in boardrooms. 

Ceiling lights are not just for the home or business interiors. We stock a range of ceiling lights that are IP rated to withstand weather conditions, making them suitable to outside use. Light up your entryway porch, illuminate a seating area on a patio or just light up your balcony. Your qualified electrician can tell you if your light is suitable for your desired exterior placement.

Our ceiling lights come in a range of styles; from Art Deco and industrial to rustic and boho design. Choose from various cord types and bulb styles to further enhance the vintage appeal of your space. Our range also comes available in an array of finishes ranging from concrete lampholders, enamel steel, copper and wicker shades.

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