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Heritage Lighting

Heritage Lighting

What is Heritage Lighting?

Contrasting old and new styles, present-day heritage lighting is aesthetically rooted in history but has been rejuvenated to suit modern spaces. Honoring tradition, heritage lighting gained eminence during the Federation era, a time period representative of the formation of the Federation of Australia in 1901. A time of change, heritage-styled pieces from this period drew some influence from the Victorian era but to differentiate, it also employed unique motifs evoking Australian nationalism, most prominently the use of flora and fauna.

Similarly, heritage-styled lighting today takes a postmodernist approach in designing fixtures that stay true to their traditional style but take on a contemporary point of view within spaces. Heritage light fittings are characterized by their decorative appearance, with intricate detailing on shades, classic shapes, and minimalist wall mounts or cords, showcasing the universal appeal of these lights.

What types of Heritage Lights are available?

Heritage pendant lights with large striking shades will elevate your space, whether a modern or traditional interior décor style by highlighting specific features or for a grander appeal, used as a centerpiece. On the other hand, heritage ceiling lights are elegant features to elevate a plain wall, casting a subtle incandescent glow over a space when paired with a warm toned bulb. For wet spaces, as long as there is an understanding of IP ratings and safety precautions, heritage-styled bathroom lighting will create a vintage aesthetic when placed by your vanity for instance, for a subtle illumination.

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