Bathroom Lighting

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Considering that a bathroom has both wet and dry zones, a lighting plan calls for an understanding of safety aspects in addition to its aesthetic and functional roles. To learn more about Bathroom Lighting have a read of our informative Bathroom Lighting Guide. The Ingress Protection or IP rating of lights come into play when considering the placement of lighting. Given that there’s much to consider in developing a suitable lighting scheme consulting your electrician is vital. As with any other versatile space in your home, a bathroom benefits from a layered lighting scheme to create a balanced space. The right lighting can make all the difference and our versatile selection caters to a diverse range of themes and colour palettes. You will be spoilt for choice with our selection that includes classic industrial, vintage charm and sleek modern styles.  

 The vanity in a bathroom is where you could have the greatest aesthetic impact in your space. A high-traffic area, the vanity also requires focused lighting to ensure you can easily fulfill detail-oriented tasks.  Wall lights are the most suitable form of illumination for a vanity, ideally placed either side or above the mirror. Lighting for your bath and shower needs special consideration as they are well within the wet zones. In selecting lights for these zones, there are more stringent water-resistance and zoning criteria to be met, requiring the services of an electrician.

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