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10 Essential Interior Decorating Tips You Need to Know June 26 2018, 0 Comments

Some design by education, and some, by intuition. But whether you have an art degree or not, if you're a homeowner, you get opportunities to showcase your creative sparks. Simply adding a throw on the couch or choosing mismatched furniture for a room is already decorating, so why not take it further and personalize your home according to your own gusto?

If you're scared to try, or wondering where to start, we're sharing you 10 interior decorating tips that will surely help hit your room’s design spot on. Take a look:

Take a hint from the size of the room:

For smaller rooms, you need to be more strategic. Choose slimmer beds, slender chairs and swivelling lamps to add function and space to the room.

This decides the placement of the furniture. For smaller rooms, you need to be more strategic. Choose slimmer beds, slender chairs and swivelling lamps to add function and space to the room.

Comfort is the key: When it comes to seating furniture, looks don't come first. Invest on pieces that are well-made and comfortable—one that will last you a long time. Think about sofas and couches that kids can enjoy jumping and messing around. Pick fabrics that do not easily stain, and make sure you know how to maintain them.

Make an illusion of a bigger scale:

 Mirrors also come in handy when it comes to reflecting light. Framed mirrors add a nice touch of glam to your space.

Choosing low furniture makes the room appear taller. And if you want to make it look wider, add a large mirror on the wall. Mirrors also come in handy when it comes to reflecting light. Framed mirrors add a nice touch of glam to your space.


Add shimmer with metallics: 

Metallic pieces, such as a copper pendant lamp (see our collection), a gold-plated bowl or a selection of silver trinkets, add some gloss and sparkle to your room.

Metallic pieces, such as a copper pendant lamp (see our collection), a gold-plated bowl or a selection of silver trinkets, add some gloss and sparkle to your room.


Put the spotlight on your investment pieces. For the love of art, showcase your unique items where they take the centre stage. Use these to inspire a theme in your room. For example, take a wall painting's pallet and use it as the room's guide colours. Or use your rustic, antique pieces as decorations in your Renaissance inspired office.

Lift up the lights. Your lighting choice can make or break your room. Don’t just stick to a central light; layer your illumination by choosing variants of task, ambient and accent lighting. We recommend track lights (for versatility), chandeliers or pendants (for that extra character), and lamps (for focused lighting).

Follow a colour scheme. To avoid visual chaos, find a palette and stick to it. There are many colour palette generators online, and you can even find some on Pinterest. Using this gives you an overview of what your room will look like with these colours on.

Neutrals make wonders. Whites, sand, beige and greys open doors to mixing and matching with other colours. They're minimalist and can looks tastefully done, even without a strong pop of hue. This makes a great choice of palette, if you want to start with something basic.


It’s all about symmetry:

Whites, sand, beige and greys open doors to mixing and matching with other colours. They're minimalist and can looks tastefully done, even without a strong pop of hue.

For some, less is more—rooms appear cleaner and larger with less objects in it. However, for some, more is more. For the eclectics who love putting items in their shelves like a curated exhibit, take heart. You can still avoid making your room appear overcrowded by balancing out the objects. Perfect symmetry soothes the eyes and therefore, gives almost the same effect as a minimalist room.

Little things make the difference:

Choose what you want to go into your room first, and invest on them instead of buying items you don’t really need.

A touch of lace adds a delicate sensibility in your room, whereas leather fabrics give it a more masculine flair. A bounty of colourful pillows easily adds varieties of patterns into the space, as well as rugs. Tall white vases offer a contemporary charm, while chunky tables are perfect for industrial themed rooms. Our advice? Choose what you want to go into your room first, and invest on them instead of buying items you don’t really need.


We hope our interior decorating tips helped you in wading your way through the confusing world of design. More of these tips are coming your way, so make sure to check out this blog every week!

Meantime, we’d love to hear what you think. Share us your thoughts with a comment!

Images via Fat Shack Vintage Pinterest board. 


The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type May 23 2018, 0 Comments

Like houses, ceilings come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing a ceiling light it is important to take into account the size, shape and design of your ceilings to ensure the light fits in perfectly. If not, the light could impact the design of the room or the proportions. See our recommendations for the best lighting options for your ceiling type.

Vaulted, Shed or Cathedral Ceiling

Slanted ceiling light

Image via Pinterest

If you are affixing a light to a slanted surface you will need a shoulder joint on your light fitting in order for the light to hang straight. If not your ceiling rose will be on an angle and your light will hang awkwardly. The shoulder joint uses gravity to adjust to the angle size of the ceiling and lets your pendant light hang correctly.  See our favourite slanted ceiling pendant lights here

Angled Ceiling joint



Not everyone is blessed with sky-high ceilings. Down lights are the popular choice for low ceilings however you can still get creative with your ceiling lights regardless of its size. Flush mount lights sit close to the ceiling with no hanging pendant cord ensuring your space is kept clear.  

 Diner Flush Mount Light

Diner Flush Mount Light



High ceilings

Image via Pinterest

Well aren't you lucky! Everyone desires high ceilings in their home but it can still be hard to find lighting that suits the space. If your light is too short it can throw off the proportion of the room but also render the light useless if being used as a task light. Choose light fittings that have an adjustable pendant cord or rod which allows you to adjust the length of the drop.

Cage 3 drop pendant light

Our Cage Light Chandelier 3 Drop


Period Style

With intricate details adorning the ceiling, choose vintage or luxe style lighting that enhances the beauty and ornate carvings. If you want to add a touch of vintage charm to a pendant light, the Wood Mounting Block can be attached to a ceiling rose.

Period Ceiling Pendant Light

Our Glass Pendant Light

Renovating A Queenslander Home + Lighting March 26 2018, 1 Comment

The unique design of the Queenslander home has been around since the 1840's and has been slowly transformed over time to in response to the harsh weather conditions of the top end state. These homes are beloved by many with people buying old homes and giving them a bit of tender, loving care or using the Queenslander home as inspiration for their new build. Whether your home is old or new, the charm of the Queenslander is always at the forefront of every owners mind. Catherine from @that_old_house52 knows all about preserving an old Queenslander home as she is just about to finish her renovation. We spoke to her about the renovation process, retaining an authentic Queenslander feel and advice for other renovaters looking to do up a period style home.

Queenslander home

Image via Pinterest

What drew you to the Queenslander style of home? 

I don’t think (besides some beautiful Edwardians in the Southern States) there is another style of Australian architecture that is prettier, more liveable and robust than a Queenslander.  People bemoan the maintenance, but lets face it they have been around for 100 years and with a quick facelift, paint and timber fix up are as good as new, if not better than a new home – plus you get all the stunning character of high ceilings, timber fretwork, detailed windows, VJ walls, ability to cope with warm climates… and on and on it goes.

What challenges did you face at the start or during renovations?

Getting suitable tradespeople who have worked with Queenslanders and know how to renovate them without taking away too much of their old soul (And working with houses that are generally so out of plum!)

Were there any Queenslander “style rules” that you included in your home?

Keep breezeways above doors, only VJ on the walls and ceilings (unless we had to do plaster because of a structural restriction). Timber windows, timber floors and recycle as much as possible so she didn’t feel like she had too much plastic surgery! High colonial skirts and timber floors everywhere.

What Fat Shack Vintage lights did you choose for your Queenslander home?

I used the Industrial Funnel Spotlight to shine on artwork and hat racks. They had an old feel but with a new twist and they worked beautifully.

Spotlight Artwork in Queenslander home

I used the Warehouse Close To Ceiling Light  over our kitchen island bench because we moved our kitchen downstairs into a new space and the ceiling was lower and wouldn’t have handled hanging pendant. I added a Wood Mounting Block for some warmth.

Warehouse lighting in Queenslander Home

I chose the Factory Eye Pendant Light with a frosted cover and chain and instead of cutting the chain to fit the space I hooked it up to the ceiling to create another feature. The frosted cover acted like a diffuser and it worked really well next to the industrial style piece of artwork. 

Pendant light in stairwell

I love Fat Shack Vintage for the industrial retro feel of lights, I think these never really go out of style. Classic, timeless and fun - just like an old Queensland House.

Consider your lighting and how that will affect the mood of the room. Where it shines, how it hangs and doing fun things with lighting creates an amazing mood that can change a room at night into a completely different space. I always look at hotel lobby’s and hotel rooms and bathrooms for some great inspiration when it comes to doing your own home. Remember lighting doesn’t always have to be on the ceiling….

What tips do you have for someone who is thinking of buying/renovating a period style home? 

Do your homework, get the best trades people you can afford. Be as strict as you can on your budget, because sometimes this can make you more creative than you thought and come up with better solutions. Always acknowledge your houses era in your renovation and be careful with too many fashionable items.    White walls, the best timber you can afford and bring in some mod cons to make it still easy to live in an old house in a modern way. For example we have wifi light switches controlled from our phone, air-conditioning, security cameras built in and a sound system. Renovating an old house doesn't mean you have to live like they did 100 years ago. So much of these fun things can now be easily retrofitted.

Queenslander home Facade

 Image via Pinterest 

How To Add A Touch Of Luxe To Every Room March 20 2018, 0 Comments

It isn't easy having champagne taste on a beer budget but there are simple ways to get the luxury look without the hefty price tag. Just a few changes to a room can give the illusion of a much grander space. We have created a list of ways to add a touch of luxe to every room in the house varying from simple accessorising, small DIY updates and weekend projects.



Replace kitchen handles - There are now a wide range of kitchen handles that come in different shapes and finishes at an affordable price point. Matt black, brass and leather are all luxe materials that will instantly give old cupboards and benchtops a kick.

Kitchen Designs

Image via Pinterest

More Difficult

Change Your Splashback - Using tiles or wallpaper you can make a big impact in a plain kitchen. Nothing says luxury like marble. If you can't afford real marble, there are laminex splashbacks or contact paper which gives you the same look for less. Hexagon tiles or subway tiles also give the kitchen an expensive feel.

Weekend Project

Change Cupboard Doors - Sometimes a simple coat of paint has the power to transform the look of a kitchen. In other instances, new cupboard doors might be needed. Painting old cupboard doors a plain white will give a kitchen an instant refresh. If you want to be more adventurous, dark navy blues, olive greens or blacks will take your luxe update to the next level. For a more traditional luxe look, you can replace plain cupboard doors with paneled or see through doors. 

 Kitchen Cabinets

Image via Pinterest

Living Room


Accessorise - You can instantly update a boring couch by mixing and matching cushion of different textures, colours and sizes. Materials such as velvets and leathers are ideal and there are a variety of stores that now sell inexpensive replicas of more expensive items. A faux fur or tassled blanket will also give the same impact.

Living room

 Image via Pinterest

Dining Room


Swap Chairs - Rather than splurging for a complete new dining set just change your dining room chairs. Choose chairs with cushioning or arm rests for a truly luxe feel. Try and match the colour materials to your existing dining table and you won't be able to tell that they weren't a set.

Dining Chairs

Image via Pinterest

More Difficult

Light Up The Space - Add pendant lights or a chandelier over a dining table. Choose luxe materials like matt black, brass or glass and pair with dimmable light bulbs to create a moodier setting. Low hanging pendant lights create an intimate setting whilst a high hung chandelier gives the whole room a classic feel. See our vintage style Ashcroft Pendant Light or Bare Bulb Spider Chandelier for a more modern feel.


Image via Pinterest



Soft Furnishings - If you've been holding on to the same dingy towels you bought on special several years ago, do yourself a favour and update them! As many bathrooms have hanging towels on display, you can easily create a luxe look by choosing towels with unique designs or different colours. You would be surprised at how much difference new towels make to the feel of a bathroom. These include bath mats and shower curtains as well.

Fenton and Fenton

Image via Fenton & Fenton


More Difficult

Tapware Update - Update old tapware with modern, minimalist designs in matt black, brass, copper and chrome. Pair these with matching accessories such as towel rails, tooth brush holders and candles.

Weekend Project

A Coat Of Paint - Whether that be wall paint, tile paint or vanity paint, you get the picture. Painting is an inexpensive way to create a luxe feel in a bathroom. If you have garish old tiles, white tile paint is an instant fix that will give you a neutral palette to begin decorating with. If you already have a plain bathroom, black grout paint will give you the designer look without the hassle. An old wooden vanity can be painted to breathe new life into a bathroom. 

 Bathroom floor

Image via Pinterest



Change The Sheets - Investing in some good quality linen will instantly give your bedroom a luxe look. Take inspiration from the general colour scheme of your room and choose matching cushions or a throw to complete the look. A quilt one size bigger than your mattress will hang elegantly over the sides and give the illusion of a more luxurious bed. 

More Difficult 

Brand New Bedhead - What do boutique hotels, high end resorts and Pinterest worthy bedrooms have in common? A padded bedhead! Nothing says luxury like one of these babies. You can make your own or buy them readily made to sit behind an existing bed frame. Choose a velvet frame or one with detailing to add to the grandeur of the bed. These bedheads offer an upgraded sense of comfort which in itself is a luxury.

Bed head

Image via Pinterest


Styling Your Property For Sale February 26 2018, 0 Comments

Selling a property can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Preparing your home for inspections, competing with other properties and then eventually settling on a price you're happy with are just some of the joys of putting your home on the market. Getting a good real estate agent is usually the first step but have you ever heard about a property stylist? Made popular by the show "Selling Houses Australia", property stylists use their interior design and property market knowledge to transform your home into one that will appeal the most to buyers.

Justine Stylist


We spoke to Justine Wilson about her involvement in styling properties for sale. Justine is the director of her business, Vault Interiors, which specialises in property styling and custom turnkey furniture packages. Justine started her business in 2010, and now has 15 employees. She has built a strong reputation in the styling industry and has styled properties for a number of Sydney’s biggest Real Estate Agencies and home owners Sydney wide.  She has a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Technology Sydney – and has worked in the design industry experience for over 11 years. Her background also includes working on theater and set designs for film and television, and she has also completed a concept illustration short course at AFTRS, she has worked in photography styling, graphic design, events and commercial and residential interior design. Justine writes for a number of interior design magazines as a regular interior trends + tips contributor. She also appears as a regular guest on Sky New Real Estate and her company Vault Interiors is a sponsor of the Real Estate Institute of Australia.


Why do people use you when selling their homes?

Buyers emotionally connect to styled properties because it creates a feeling of home and nice furniture will create an aspirational living scenario they want for themselves. At Vault Interiors, we tap into this and have a wide range of stock to work for any property or buyer demographic.

Stylists also know tricks to enhance your properties best features, such as a killer water view can be maximised in online photography and onsite with the right colour accents to draw in those watery tones. Also, the right style of furniture can uplift any home, detract from imperfection and sell a location lifestyle - which is just as important as the bricks and motor.


What can a properly styled property do for a vendor?

Nicely styled homes stand out in online listings so more likely buyers will attend the open home if the online photography is enticing. Buyers can visualise how they may live in a space especially if its narrow, compact, tricky layout or serious of rooms. By dictating the use of each space, there is no confusion and they can get a clear picture of how the home will work for them.

Scale is very important, when we live in a property we opt for comfort and sometimes furniture is too bulky for the size room, i.e. king bed, large modular sofa, 8 seater dining table, buy placing the right scale items instead, such as a visually light glass table with less chairs, a more compact narrow sofa and a queen bed, the floor space Is instantly increased and this will attract buyers. Don’t forget, lots of people attend open homes so the less obstructions and more flow the better – to allow people to navigate the property and explore it freely.

There are studies saying property styling can increase sales price by 25% this is massive boast for the small investment that professional styling may cost. Savvy sellers who want tip dollar to know that presentation sells because most potential buyers are time poor and want a move in ready offering, neat gardens, fresh paint, and nice clean furniture gives them this impression and the property is more likely to stay top of mind for the buyer.

 Property Stylist

A Newtown Terrace styled by Justine - The sales result smashed the suburb record achieving $300,000 above the previous record set.


How do you choose the styling for a property?

Professional stylists have years of experience dressing homes to appear to the right target demographic which is also very important. You may have nice personal style, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Stylists know how to appeal to a broad market and attract more buyers. It’s also about showcasing the property at its best, playing up its period features and if it’s a cool warehouse vibe, communicating this with the right furniture pieces and accessories. 

 Art Deco Styling

Art deco styling In Double Bay

Which rooms are the most important to focus on when styling a property?

Generally speaking the main living areas and the master bedroom as they are the ones that agents will usually photography and display online. However, it is ideal to do the whole property if budget allows for visual consistency and best possible presentation.


What role does lighting play in creating a saleable property?

Lighting is so key when presenting your home for sale. We always encourage vendors to put on all overhead lights table and floor lamps alongside open the windows, the more light and bright the property is the better. A statement pendant over a dining table or interesting hallway/entry lights can also make a property feel more designer and help add to the overall impression of the home.

 Traditional meets contemporary style

Traditional meets contemporary style


What advice would you give to someone thinking of selling their home?

Presentation sells! So, think about all the little things you can do to make your home more appealing, such as fresh flowers for a bright pretty display, scented candles to mask any odours and getting the gardens trim and tidy. Also, we always recommend fresh paintwork or steam cleaning carpets so the home presents as move in ready which most buyers gravitate towards.


Have you ever had any experience with a property stylist or have you styled your own house for sale. Let us know!

Style Tips: Beach/Coastal January 23 2018, 0 Comments

One thing that we can all agree on is that the beach is an integral part of Australian life. Whether you live on it, near it or just love to visit, the beach is an amazing place where many beautiful memories are created. There is something about the salty air, blue water and sand beneath the toes that instantly relaxes you. Unfortunately not all of us gets our own slice of the beach, but here's the good news: you don't have to live anywhere near the sea to enjoy it. There are many way to incorporate the beach and coastal style into your home without going overboard (pun intended). See our tips below, with some help from the experts, for creating an oasis that you can still enjoy even when winter comes. 


Rajiv from Wall Art Australia says you can bring the ocean right into your bedroom through canvas wall art which is both easy and cost effective. "High resolution landscape beach pictures depicting palm-fringed coves, moody sunsets and aqua waters lapping onto golden sands will make your home feel like a tropical paradise, even if you are miles away from the beach. An eye-catching print can be a key element in your nautical accessories for creating a beautiful coastal look". If you want to be more subtle, using beach inspired prints of coral or abstract paintings featuring turquoises, aquas and whites will make your room feel fresh and coastal without being too obvious.

Beach Hallway

Image via Pinterest 


If you want to keep all of your existing furniture, art work and decor items, you can use lighting to bring a certain theme to your space. Choose lighting which features beachy materials like wicker, rope and glass. Hang large basket lighting above a dining table or kitchen island bench or use table lamps if you want a more subtle look. Our Wicker Ceiling Light will create a relaxing tropical vibe in any room in the house whilst the Rope Base Table Lamp brings the nautical charm. Whether you want a Hamptons, nautical or tropical resort feel, lighting can bring your space to life.


Image via Pinterest

Not just for indoors, choose coastal inspired lighting for the outside of your house too. The Canal Outdoor Wall Light is inspired by the lighting used to guide canal boats up and down narrow waterways. The aged bronze finish adds to the authenticity of the light. The Norfolk Outdoor Glass Wall Light will give a sophisticated Hamptons style feel to any outdoor space. These lights would look great on either side of a front door and give your home kerb appeal. 

 Coastal House

Image via Pinterest

Soft Furnishings

Compliment your decor by choosing materials such as linen, rope and other woven fabrics to add another element of coastal chic to your home. Linen and bamboo bed sheets are fast becoming a staple in households as they both look great and work well in hot weather. Take inspiration from the beach itself and pair neutral earthy colours with different shades of blues. Wall hangings made using macrame will introduce a relaxed boho feel and are great options for decorating plain walls in an instant without having to paint. 

Wall Hanging Bedroom

Image via Pinterest

If your flooring doesn't reflect the beach style, why not add a rug. They are an inexpensive and easy way to "change" your flooring. Rugs can have a big impact on the style of a room and can be just as important as paint colour. Different types of rugs will bring out a particular beach style. Flat rugs with stripes in blue and white will create a truly nautical or Hamptons beach house feel or if you want more of a beach shack/boho feel, woven or high pile rugs are the way to go. 

Beach house

Image via Pinterest


A great way to give your room the authentic beach feel is to use objects directly from nature. By utilising trinkets you have picked up from your beach holiday, you are also keeping the memopry alive by displaying them around your home.

Rhonda Billett-Haire from Ocean Nomad Australia says "Seashells bought or collected in glass vases, a candle sitting on a bed of sand, a collection of white seabird feathers and palm fronds from the garden all create the theatrics of the beach feel in your home". As suggested, display these items in glass jars, vases, bowls, glue them to canvases or stick onto woven baskets.

Beach Decor

Image via Pinterest 

Colour Schemes

Taking inspiration from your favourite images of the beach will help you find the perfect colour scheme for your space. Find a photo you love, pull colours from the image and match the colours of that image to paint colours. This will give you a good place to start hen choosing the colour palette for your room.

Colour palette

Image via Pinterest

For a subtle nod to the beach style, start with a neutral base - think sandy beige and crisp white for walls, carpets, couches and any other large furnishings in your room. From there you can add in subtle touches of blue and greens on pillows, art work and other small decor items. Alternatively you can go the opposite way. Paint a bold coloured feature wall and keep your accessories neutral. 

Beach living room

Image via Pinterest

Blue room 

Image via Adore Home Magazine

Don't forget the exteriors! Paint can create a coastal look for the outside of your home too. Dark navy, grey or beige with white trim will give your house a timeless sophisticated look. Nothing says beach house more than a weatherboard exterior but if you have a brick house, you can get the same coastal look by painting your bricks and trims different colours. Team your newly painted facade with plants like palms, yakkas and franjipani trees to compliment your home.

Weatherboard house

Image via Dulux Australia

Grey brick house

Image via Three Birds Renovations

Always remember there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating a room or designing a house. The most important things is that you create a space that you will enjoy for years to come!

The Perfect Spare Room December 22 2017, 0 Comments

So it's that time of the year again. You've got your family or friends staying and now that spare room that lays dormant for most of year will suddenly be filled with life. Often the spare room becomes the dumping ground for items that don't fit in the main rooms of the house. But with visitors staying, its time to clear it out and start again. Here are our top 5 items for a killer spare room.


1. Storage

Someone might not be using the spare room all the time, however putting in a wardrobe or chest of drawers will provide extra storage space for household items such as linen or for guests who stay for longer periods. Shelving is ideal for spare rooms as you can store books and other small decor items that don't have a place, or aren't stylish enough, for your main living areas. Books also give guests reading material in their down time.

Spare Room grey

Image via Pinterest


2. Desk

Having a home office in a spare room is a great space saver and practical too. If you just need somewhere small to pay bills or have the kids do their homework without distraction, putting a desk in the spare room will give the room another purpose for every day.


Spare Room

Image via Pinterest


3. Bed

Obviously you can't have people stay the night without giving them a place to sleep. If you often host guests then it makes sense to keep a proper bed in your spare room. However if you don't, it might be an idea to use a sofa bed instead. This allows you to use the spare room as a second living room or kids rumpus room as well as a place for guests to stay. Just make sure you choose a high quality, comfortable sofa bed to avoid complaints the next morning!

 IKEA sofa bed

Image via IKEA

4. Lighting 

As the spare room can be used in many ways, you should choose lighting to reflect the different uses. Choose table or desk lamps to use for tasks such as reading, studying or just paying bills. Downlights can be used to provide general light whilst a bold pendant light can be added to create a stylish look or tie the room together with the rest of the house. 

 Bedside table

Image via Pinterest


5. Decor

You shouldn't be neglecting the style of the spare room just because it doesn't get seen all the time. Colourful artwork on the wall or unique bed linen will help create a happy environment that will make your guests smile. If you don't have confidence in your styling skills, the spare room is a great place to flex your design muscles without disrupting the main areas of the home. Have fun with linen, throw pillows and small decor items like photo frames and pot plants.

Pastel Decor

Image via Pinterest


Our Top Tips For Purchasing Lighting Online December 15 2017, 0 Comments

Whether you are a professional working for a client or renovating your own home, purchasing lighting online can be a daunting task. Installation usually requires professional help involving time and money and with so many options to choose from, it can often feel overwhelming. Here at Fat Shack Vintage we understand this so we've put together our top 5 tips for a purchasing lighting online.


1. Start Your Research Early

Lighting tends to be one of the last items thought about when designing a room. It may not be as exciting as choosing a wall colour or furniture, but it does make a huge difference to the feel of a room. Start researching the styles of lighting that you like, types of light bulbs and whether they will compliment the other pieces of furniture in the room. It is also important to consider lighting early as certain wiring needs to be made available in order to place lights in a room. Also remember you outdoor lighting needs. An interior designer or lighting consultant will be able to help ensure your lighting is accounted for in your building or renovation. If you are working directly with a builder, let them know your lighting plans so they can account for it when building. 

Lighting Plan

Image via Love Lake Living



2. Measure And Visualise

We like to put as many measurements as we can on our product listings to ensure you know exactly what you are ordering. As well as measuring the light fitting itself, you should also measure the room including any furniture that may impact the positioning of the light. 

As you can see above, the general rule for dining tables is that any pendant light of chandelier should sit at least 750mm above the table. This ensures that the light will not be in the way of people when sitting down at the table. This rule can be changed depending on the lighting design and your preferences. One rule that cannot be changed for safety reasons is bathroom lighting position. Lights sitting above a vanity need to be above the splash zone of the sink. Your electrician should be able to help you find the safest place for your lights. Stay tuned for an upcoming guide for bathroom lighting placement.

If you are unsure of how your product will look in your room, try sketching out on a large piece of paper using our measurements, cut it out, and get someone to hold it in place so you can see the scale of the light compared to your room.


 3. Know Your Timeline

 As said before, lighting is often the last fittings to go into a house and if you're not careful you can find yourself stuck for time. Ordering your lights well before the completion date ensures that you will receive the lights in time and can change them if they don't suit the space. We also recommend not booking an electrician until you have received your lights in case of other issues with suppliers or delivery. If you want to check stock levels, lead times or postage times feel free to contact us with your inquiries; we are here to help!


4. Check Your Lights 

Like with any delivery, you should always check your lights as soon as they arrive. Some lights are very delicate and can get damaged in transit. Give all of your lights a good check over once received and give us a call straight away if you have any issues. Remember that a qualified electrician should always install lights that require wiring.


If you follow these tips, you'll be sure to have an easy and enjoyable experience when buying lighting for your project. As you can see from the projects below, when it is all done and dusted, the results can be amazing.

Georgie Shepherd used our Brasserie Two Arm Swing Wall Lamp in this stylish country style kitchen


The House On Beach Road featuring the Smokehouse Pendant Light


Shaynna Blaze used our vintage style Schoolhouse Double Arm Pulley Light for this kitchen renovation on Deadline Design.




Christmas Lighting Gift Guide December 07 2017, 0 Comments

Christmas is fast approaching so it's time to start thinking about buying gifts for the people in your life. Lights make great gifts because they are long lasting, useful and unique. See our lighting gift guide below to find the perfect gift for your family and friends. 

Christmas Gift Guide


1. The Avid Reader - This Tilted Tripod Floor Lamp is great for book lovers. The light shade can be directed in different directions allowing you to find the perfect position. Place it next to an arm chair or couch in a living room for a stylish and useful lighting piece.

2. The Retro Lover - What better gift for a fan of all things retro than the Fanimation Retro Desk Fan. Keep cool and look cool at the same time!

3. The New Baby - This unique gift will create a magical feel in a nursery or kids room. The Timber Table Lamp has a Scandinavian feel and is gender neutral (great for baby showers too). 

4. The Shining Star- Have a born entertainer in your family? Light up their life with the Star Vintage Marquee Light. This light can be hung on a wall or placed on a table. Also a great decoration for Christmas, birthday parties or a child's playroom.

5. The Stylish One - The Marble Table Lamp oozes style and sophistication. Available with a chrome, copper or gold base, these table lamps would make a great bedside table or buffet lamp.  

6. The Hard To Buy For - Festoon Lights are an easy gift for friends and family who are hard to buy presents for. These lights will create a fun atmosphere in both indoor and outdoor areas. Their decorative possibilities are endless and best of all, they look fantastic!

7. The Simple One - Not simple in mind, just simple in taste. The Box Table Lamp features an exposed bulb with a timber cube base and simple flick switch. Perfect for the person who hates clutter and loves clean shapes and lines. This would make a great desk light for a teenager. 

8. The Fun One - The Moustache Vintage Marquee Light is a fun way to celebrate the silly season. Great for dads, brothers, boyfriends and husbands who are proud of their facial hair or anyone who loves quirky home decor. 

Fat Shack Vintage Gift Voucher

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder meaning some times it can be difficult to gauge if a gift will be liked or not. Have no fear, Fat Shack Vintage gift vouchers are here! We have gift cards ranging from $50-$500 so you can give your loved ones a little or a lot. 

Get Inspired: Updating Your Home Office December 01 2017, 0 Comments

A home office is always handy to have. Whether you work from home, use it as the kids study room or to organise the running of the house, a home office can be utilised in several different ways and should be decorated accordingly. Having a home office also gives you a private space away from the usual hustle and bustle of the house. If you are wanting to update your home office and turn it into a more useful/relaxing/creative space, see our handy tips below. 

In our opinion you can never have enough storage. Having a place for everything means you are less likely to become stressed. "Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile), causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren't necessary or important... it also distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focus should be on" (Sherrie Bourg Carter PSY.D from Psychology Today). Start small by using folders to organise paper work or jump right in by getting some proper office furniture with drawers and shelves. Put your best looking items on display or add some family photos to personalise the space.

Image via Pinterest  


Image via Pinterest

Plants do so much more than just filter oxygen. Their benefits to our mental and physical health make them the perfect office companions. Plants have been scientifically shown to reduce stress, creating a relaxing atmosphere as well as increasing productivity in office spaces. They also release moisture in the air decreasing the incidence of dry skin, coughs or sore throats. choose one large pot plant or several small ones to place around your office. Just make sure you choose the right type of plant for your space otherwise all your time will be spent trying to keep it alive!

Indoor office plants

Image via Pinterest


Lighting can aid productivity and combat fatigue making it important to consider in a home office. As mentioned in previous posts, there are three main lighting types; ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting should include downlights giving you an overall light throughout the room. Make these lights dimmable so you can alter the light as the day goes by. Use desk lamps for tasks such as reading and writing. The Green Bankers Lamp is a popular choice from the 1920's as green was thought to inspire creativity. For a more modern lamp choose the Industrial Table Lamp which has a joints allowing you to change the position of the light. To add some fun to your office space choose a bold pendant or chandelier in the middle of the room like the Atom Multi Light or Bare Bulb Spider Chandelier.

Desk Lamp

Image via Pinterest

Work desk

Image via Pinterest

 Although the home office is meant to be a place for work or study, adding a place to relax such as a couch or futon gives you an outlet for when you want to take a break. It also offers another workspace to use as some people find themselves more productive when they aren't sitting at a desk. 

The Block office

Image via The Block


Image via Pinterest

By considering these tips you can ensure you create a useful and productive home office that you will want to be in!

All About Festoon Lights November 24 2017, 1 Comment

Festoon lights are a popular choice for outdoor lighting especially for the festive season. These lights are incredibly versatile and be used for a number of events, occasions or just to revamp a plain outdoor area. When choosing the best festoon lights for your area, yes there are differences, there a few deciding factors you should be aware of.


Our festoon lights come in two different cord styles; flush and hanging. Our flush festoon lights have the lampholder sitting directly on the string. This makes them suitable for wrapping around trees, hanging against fences and indoors. Indoor uses include hanging over bedheads, around mirrors or shelves and in children's bedrooms or playrooms. The hanging festoon lights have an extra length of cord which hangs from the main string. These lights are perfect for hanging between posts or under a roof, creating a festoon light "ceiling". Our Festoon lights with cages have a hanging lampholder and cage attachment. These are great for indoor areas and add some vintage industrial charm to any space. 

Light bulbs


Light Bulb

Now that you've chosen your style of festoon string, the fun part of choosing the light bulbs begin. There are two types of light bulbs to choose from; incandescent and LED. Incandescent bulbs are the old style light bulbs with delicate wire filaments. LED light bulbs are a newer technology which use a semiconductor device to convert electricity into light. LED light bulbs tend to have a longer life span that incandescent bulbs meaning you won't have to change them as often. They also use less power for the same brightness so you can save money on your electricity bills. If you like the old filament styles then our Edison light bulbs are for you however if you want a hardy light bulb then try LED's. 

When choosing a bulb you should consider what type of atmosphere you want to create. If you want a bright and vibrant light, you should choose a light bulb that suits this. Remember that LED light bulbs will always have a lower wattage than an incandescent bulb so wattages should be compared within the type of bulbs. If you just want a subtle light or your festoons won't be the main light source, the LED Starry Light Bulb is a good alternative as it gives a soft light which will blend into the background nicely.

Just remember that whatever light bulb you choose, there will be 10 or 20 of them in one area so choose your brightness wisely.

Light Bulb Watts



Festoon lights are easy to use due to their continuous string line and wall plug but if you want to create a long lasting display there are several accessories you can use to create an exciting layout. Cable ties are you best friend when hanging festoon lights. These can be attached to fence posts, ceilings or trees and are hardly noticeable. They help keep the string in place and wont allow movement. 

If you are purchasing a 20m festoon light set and are planning to string it from one point to another, a guide wire should be used to prevent sagging. It also minimises damage from wind or birds. 

Festoon Light Display



 All of our festoon lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. An IP rating measures the resistance to dust and water and is used to classify outdoor lights. The Outdoor String Lights have an IP rating of 23 whilst the Outdoor String Lights with Hanging Lamp Holders have a higher IP 44 rating. Consider where your lights will be placed when choosing a festoon light set. If your festoons will be under cover (porch, verandah, deck) or used for indoor decorations, a lower IP rating can be used. If your lights will be exposed or you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, an IP44 rating will be better suited for outdoor use.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive a special email about our festoon lights this coming Wednesday (29/11) . You won't want to miss out!

Creating Kerb Appeal With Modular Walls November 17 2017, 0 Comments

You only have one chance to make a good first impression and the same can be said about your home. Whether someone is visiting or just driving past, they will make a judgement on your home without having seen the inside. If you are selling your house, updating your facade is the easiest way to add value to your home and often buyers will make a snap decision on whether they will view a house, based on the outside appearance. Even if you are not selling, you can increase the "kerb appeal" of your home and make it the best looking house in the street.

We talk to Nick from ModularWalls about increasing the "kerb appeal" of your property.

1. What does the term "kerb appeal" mean to you?

Kerb appeal, to me, is that 'WOW, that's a cool house' as you drive past. It’s something that stands out from the rest in your row. It doesn't have to be one element, but a combination of getting it all right and creating a cohesive effect. 

2. How can you give your home kerb appeal?

 Architecture, style, lighting, colour selections, the use of gardens and plants -and, of course - fencing / wall selection. It’s a combination of a lot of factors and again, like everything in life, the details in that final 5% is what separates the best from the rest!

3.  What should home owners consider when updating their homes facade?

As there are so many facade options available, you need to first decide on your style - Beach, Modern, Traditional, Hamptons etc. This will determine your material selection options. It’s such a critical element of your home - spend some money and get professional advice if needed, but go armed with what you like with inspirational images from Pinterest or Instagram.  

4. What do ModularWalls Do?

ModularWalls operate in the Commercial and Residential sectors. For the residential projects, a Modular Wall offers the home owner the ability to frame their back garden or home with a ‘blank canvas’. You can paint our walls to match the colour scheme of your home and attain a more connected outdoor design, or even make your space feel bigger, whilst providing an acoustic benefit between neighbours. They ultimately a touch of elegance and class for half the price of a brick wall.

ModularWalls makes your outdoor space more usable, tranquil and have 'fence' appeal - people just wanna touch it and see what it is. You don't get that with timber or metal! 

5. What has been your favourite ModularWalls transformation and why?

This transformation located in Newmarket, QLD, and it was quite complex and looked stunning as a result. The client used our products in so many ways that proved effective to their kerb appeal – integrated and stand-alone retaining, pool wall, boundary wall, all on a sloped block.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting For Minimalists | Simple Lighting Designs For Every Room November 10 2017, 0 Comments

The recent trend of de-cluttering and living a simple life has had an impact on interior design. Minimalism has worked its way into modern homes in the form of butler's pantries, wall to floor storage and neutral colour palettes. Lighting is a necessity for every house however incorporating lighting in a minimalist house can be daunting. Minimalist doesn't necessarily mean using the most minimal amount of lights, but rather choosing designs that are simple, complimentary to the space without interrupting the natural flow and are the most efficient in lighting the room. See our favourite minimalist lights below and how you can incorporate them into your home. 

The kitchen is probably the room which needs the most amount of light but you can still keep in line with your minimalist style. Linear lighting is your best bet as they provide light for a wide space whilst still maintaining the minimalist look. This lighting can be suspended from the ceiling or as a flush mount. You could even use track lighting which has a similar shape but allows you to focus the light to certain areas.

Try the Lab Linear Fluro Light for a classic white kitchen or the Brushed Copper Linear Light for a more contemporary look.

Linear Kitchen lighting

Image via Pinterest

A great choice for a dining table or living room is a single pendant in the centre of the room. Smooth surfaces and plain colours will compliment a minimalist dining table setting. Choose a large light to eliminate the need for other lighting. If in doubt, choose subtle recessed downlights to add to the brightness of the room. Choose the Retro Dome Pendant or Oslo Pendant Light for a large pendant that will keep the minimalist look.

Dining Table Lighting

Image via Pinterest

 Living room lights

Image via Pinterest


The bedroom is usually a difficult place to keep the minimalist look as the majority of personal items are kept in the bedroom. Plain pendants with bare bulbs will help to keep your bedroom looking clean and simple. If you want to add some interest to the pendants, choose a designer bulb with a unique design or filament shape. 

 Bedroom Wall Light

Image via Pinterest

Pendant Light

Image via Pinterest

The bathroom doesn't need as much ambient lighting but more lighting for completing tasks such as brushing your teeth and doing your makeup. A small wall light next to the mirror will provide adequate lighting without compromising the minimalist feel of the bathroom. A single pendant light can also create a beautiful feature. Choose the Bunker Globe Wall Light for a simple and stylish wall light.

Bathroom Wall Light

Image via Pinterest

When it comes to decorating a minimalist home, less is more doesn't have to mean compromising on style. 

Steps For Decorating Small Rooms - Make The Most Of Your Space November 03 2017, 0 Comments

Space. Too much or too little can make decorating a room seem like an impossible task. If you aren't blessed with a large room your options may be limited, but you can still create a stylish space that won't feel over-crowded

Nothing makes a space feel smaller than clutter. This includes furniture as well as personal items. Rather than doubling up on furniture and storage, you should be using furniture that has built in storage or can be used in different ways. Coffee tables with shelving or footstools with hidden storage are great for storing blankets and magazines in living rooms. For bedrooms, choose beds with space underneath and tables that can double as a desk or dressing table. Also try and minimise the amount of items you choose to display. 

 Coffee table


Under Bed Storage

 Images via Pinterest

You should also choose furniture that keeps the space feeling large. This doesn't necessarily mean choosing small furniture but rather furniture that appears light weight. This can mean choosing lighter colours or materials or choosing slender legs on furniture which is raised off the ground. Scandinavian styling works best for small spaces as it incorporates pale timber, glass and slim furniture pieces. 

 Scandi Dining Table Set 

Lighting will make an impact on the size of your room as well. If you choose the wrong sized light you are at risk of over-crowding the room or not providing enough illumination. For rooms with low ceilings, space is the biggest issue however by choosing a flush mount light you can keep the space uncluttered which in turn will make the room feel bigger. A flush mount light sits close to or on the ceiling or wall with no visible cords. They come in many different designs and are a great alternative to hanging pendants or plain downlights.

Chelsea Batten Lights

 Get the look with our Chelsea Batten Lights

Image via Pinterest

Bunker Globe Light

Get the look with our Bunker Globe Light

Image via Pinterest 

Another great alternative are wall lights. Wall lights will add a decorative element to a room without overcrowding it like a pendant would. They are also a great alternative to table lamps and free up surface space. Use them as bedside lighting in place of pendant or lamps or in a kitchen as an extra light for eating or cooking.

Kitchen Wall Light

Image via Pinterest

Industrial Two Arm Light

Get the look with our Industrial Two Arm Light

Image via Pinterest

The most important tip when it comes to decorating a small room is using every bit of storage available to you. This means utilising nooks and crannies and turning them into usable spaces. Architectural features like recesses in walls and even corners can be used as shelving or work desks. 

Small alcove

Corner bathroom storage

Images via Pinterest

Do you have any tips for decorating a small room? Let us know in the comments below.




Scandi Lighting in Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway and Sweden Lighting Trends October 27 2017, 0 Comments

Scandi style has become very popular over the last couple of years. Consisting of pale birch timber finishes, curved furniture and pastel and grey decor, Scandi is a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down. Whilst we have embraced the Scandi style in Australia, in Scandinavian counties, they have moved away from softer decor and are starting to embrace vintage and industrial style lighting in their homes and commercial spaces. Contemporary lights have also become very popular with the emergence of new designers pushing the envelope on lighting design. 

The Dannish have a word hygge (pronounced hooge) which loosely translates to cosyness. The recent trend of creating hygge spaces has been embraced throughout the interior design world. Lighting plays a big part in creating a hygge space and the Danish are the professionals! Pendants, fairy lights and candles are all used to create a hygge space. Did you know that the Dannish burn more candles per head than anywhere else in Europe?

In eateries and cafes lighting is placed over every individual table creating a beautiful visual display but also helping to create a warm atmosphere for the customers. These lights tend to be simple in design, small and uniform throughout the cafe. 

 1. Scandi style lighting in Dunkin' Donuts (yes, even fast food restaurants can be stylish)

2. An amber glass orb shade.

3. A combination of up/down wall lights and plain light bulb pendants. Recreate the look with our Metal E27 Lamp Holder Pendants.


The Dannish are still using Edison light bulbs with an exposed carbon filament. However with the advances in LED technology, you can recreate the Edison light bulb look and still have a long lasting light bulb. See our Edison style LED Light Bulbs here.



In Norway, industrial and contemporary lighting is very popular in homes and eateries. Plain black pendants with an industrial influence are the light of choice for most cafes and restaurants. However in apartments and houses, people are having fun with their lighting. Contemporary chandeliers have become popular to create a bold statement. The PH Artichoke Lamp made by Poul Henningsen more than 40 years ago is a staple in homes and can often be seen through residential windows.

1. Industrial style lighting in a French restaurant. Recreate the look with our Industrial Pendant High Bay Light.

2. The iconic PH Artichoke Lamp. See our Artichoke Timber Pendant Light for a similar look.

3. A contemporary take on a chandelier in a Norweigan loft style apartment. 



 Stockholm is hands down one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has embraced the history of the city and has restored every old building to its former glory. In the absence of modern sky-rise buildings, they have kept their lighting vintage to match their heritage buildings too. Even modernised interiors give a nod to the old lighting styles to create a unique design space. 


1. 1970's style lights at the ABBA museum. Get the look with our Retro Pendant Light.

2. Chandelier in The Royal Palace.

3. Vintage styling in a burger bar. Recreate the look with our Cloche Glass Wall Lights and Carlyle Glass Pendant Light.


The Scandinavians have always been at the forefront of design trends and we love taking inspiration from them. Below is some inspiration to get the Scandinavian look in your home. 


(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Pinterest)

(Image via Pinterest)


Do you love the Scandi look? Let us know in the comments below.


Inspiration For Lighting A Kitchen Island Bench October 24 2017, 0 Comments

So you're lucky enough to have a kitchen island but now comes the hard part. How are you going to light it? Whether your island bench will be the main food preparation area, a breakfast bar, second study area or simply a beautiful feature in your kitchen, you should ensure your lighting suits the purpose of your kitchen island bench. See some of our favourite kitchen lighting inspiration below.

Pendant Lights

(Image via Pinterest)

These pendant lights are a perfect choice for this white kitchen. The pale blue colour compliments the natural would floor and marble bench and adds to colour to an otherwise plain kitchen. Notice the size of the lights in the scale of the kitchen. They have chosen larger pendants which fit in well with the size of the space and the ceiling height. Smaller pendants would look out of place in such a grand area and they wouldn't provide enough light either. Get a similar look with our Vein Pendant Light or a vintage style Hobnail Glass Pendant Light.


Kitchen Island Lighting Pinterest

(Image via Pinterest)

This three light pendant perfectly suits the modern farmhouse style of this kitchen. The shade of grey is carried throughout the kitchen to ensure the design flows well. The opal style light bulbs will diffuse light evenly onto the kitchen island without highlighting it too much. This pendant doesn't need to cover the whole bench due to the natural light from the windows and large skylight. We recommend our Warehouse Industrial Chandelier to recreate this look along with out LED Dimmable Opal Bulb.


White kitchen lighting

(Image via Pinterest)

If you want to keep your kitchen area clear and uncluttered then track lighting is for you. This minimalist kitchen has used track lighting the same colour as the roof to further minimise the impact of the light fitting on the decor. The lights are also able to be directed onto certain areas of the kitchen. This LED Track Lighting is available in black or white allowing you to decide if you want it hidden or on display. 


Pendant Light Kitchen

(Image via Pinterest)

If you have a kitchen that is already adequately lit, a cluster of pendants will add a decorative element. By clustering them to one side, it doesn't take away from the design of the kitchen bench and won't feel like it is cluttering the space. The exposed bulbs are perfect for this natural style kitchen but you can add shades or cages to suit your style. These Metal E27 Lamp Holder Pendant Light Cords will create a modern statement in your kitchen.


country style kitchen

(Image via Pinterest)

Whilst the rule does say that when hanging lights always hang an odd number, this rule needs to take into account the size of the bench. You don't want to over crowd the space just because a magazine said you needed a certain number of lights. If your kitchen bench is smaller you can definitely hang two pendants and get the same design affect by choosing a larger size. If you have a longer bench you might consider hanging four. The metal frame of this light matches the fittings of the kitchen creating a uniform look and a stylish country style kitchen. The Peninsula Glass Pendant Light will give you the same look.


Linear Kitchen light 

(Image via Pinterest)

Using linear lights rather than pendants are a popular choice in modern kitchens. The sleek lines of the light blends in seamlessly with the kitchen design. The large glass doors allow enough light into the kitchen that the kitchen island light seems more of a decorative feature than functional. See more linear lighting options here. We love the Lab Linear Fluro Light and the Brushed Copper Linear Light.


What is your favourite kitchen island bench light? Let us know in the comments below. See our Pinterest for more inspiration.

Five Essentials For Your Outdoor Entertaining Area October 13 2017, 2 Comments

With less than three months until Christmas (scary I know!) it is time to start thinking about your outdoor area. Whether you are trying to bring the indoors outdoors, create a relaxing oasis or plan the perfect party house, we have the top 5 essentials to ensure your outdoor area is a winner all year round. 

Somewhere To Cook

The BBQ is one of Australia's most loved items and many would consider it to be the most important item in the backyard. Being able to entertain guests whilst still preparing food is now a common feature when people are redesigning or building houses. And whilst not everyone has the space (or money) to create a second kitchen, a cooking or food preparation area will bring the indoors outdoors and create an entertaining area worthy of a summer get-together.

Pizza Oven Outdoors

(Image via Pinterest)


Somewhere To Eat

Just like in the house, the dining table seems to be the epicentre of the home where everyone comes together to enjoy a meal. This is no different outdoors. To create an enjoyable and functional dining space outside, choose a dining table that fits your space. Ensure guests are able to mingle around the table and there is enough room to pull chairs out. If you only have a small area, a folding table or one that can have pieces removed or added will provide you with the dining table you need without encroaching on the space. 

Outdoor Dining Area

(Image via Pinterest)


Somewhere to Relax

When you are stressed have you ever heard someone say that you should get back to nature? Just merely sitting outside has many health benefits which is why it is important to create a space that you can sit or relax. Choose a lounge suite for a large entertaining area or individual outdoor chairs for a smaller one. Include pillows and blankets for a truly cosy space. If you're lucky enough to have a place for it,hang a hammock for the ultimate relaxation place.

Outdoor relaxing area

(Image via Pinterest)


Something To Light The Way

If you look back through the last three images you'll notice they all have one thing in common; lights! Each area is has lighting carefully placed to ensure maximum efficiency. The most important thing when considering lighting is ensuring it has an appropriate IP rating. You can read more about IP ratings here. Lights should be placed anywhere you will be walking or sitting. Place wall lights along high traffic areas, hang pendant lights over dining tables or sitting areas and hang festoons all around for a fun party atmosphere. 

Outdoor Festoon Lights

(Image via Pinterest)


Something To Grow

I think we can all agree that no outdoor area would be complete without plants. Plants keep the air clean, add decoration and create a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Remember to consider the type of plants to suit your outdoor area. If your area is small, choose small pots that can be placed on tables or hanging pots to keep the area uncluttered. In larger areas you can house multiple plants in the one area for a bold statement. Remember to choose plants that suit your lifestyle otherwise you might spend more time taking care of them rather than enjoying the outdoors!

Outdoor plants

(Image via Pinterest)

What To Consider When Purchasing A Ceiling Fan October 06 2017, 0 Comments

The weather is heating up which means it is time to start looking at options for cooling down your house. Since it's invention in 1888, the electrically powered ceiling fan has become one of the most popular and sensible solutions to keep a house cool (or warm. Yes, ceiling fans can actually be used in winter!). When choosing a ceiling fan there are several key factors to consider involving both the fan and where you intend to place it.


A fan that is too large will make a room feel smaller and impose on the design of the room however a fan that is too small won't circulate the air properly. The table below is an approximate guide for room sizes and the fan sizes that suit them. If a room is larger then two fans may be required if no other cooling system has been put in place. The architecture of a room is also important to consider as well as the placement of certain features such as windows and doors which will affect the impact of a running fan. Generally a fan is placed in the middle of a room for symmetry but if that isn't an option, ensuring it is positioned an equal distance away from walls or over a living space will ensure the room still flows well. 

Fan Size

(Sizes converted from Live Brighter)

Fan In Bedroom

A fan placed directly on top of a living space such as a bed will offer the most effective cooling. See more of our indoor fans here.

(Image via Pinterest)


Ceiling Height

Ensuring your fan is placed at a safe height is very important however placing a fan too close to the ceiling can affect the air movement and make the fan ineffective. Ceiling fans should be atleast 2.5m from the floor to accommodate for tall guests and carrying or moving long objects. If you have low ceilings a fan should sit flush against the ceiling however if you have angled or high ceilings a down rod can be added.

Fan Height

(Image via Live Brighter)

 Cathedral Ceiling Fans

This cathedral ceiling uses down rods to ensure the best air flow from their fans.

(Image via Pinterest)


It is very necessary to take lighting into account when choosing a ceiling fan for the following reasons; Do you need the fan to have an inbuilt light? Will the fan create shadows if placed in a certain spot? Will the air flow affect any hanging lights? If you are considering purchasing a fan with a light consider the type of light bulb used as well. Does it need to be long lasting? Will it be the only light in the room therefore it needs to be bright? Will the light work without needing the fan turned on? These should all be carefully considered in the design stage.

Ceiling Fan With Lights

Using pendant lights with down rods decreases the effect of the fans movement on the lights as well as being placed at the same height.

(Image via Pinterest)


No longer just in the clinical white colour of the past, ceiling fans have evolved to become a design statement. Different finishes, colours and materials are available to ensure you find the perfect fan for your interior design style. They also come in unique designs for example having two fan heads on one down rod or facing vertically instead of horizontally. Choose a ceiling fan to blend in seamlessly to your room or to become a bold design feature.

Dual Ceiling Fan

This two headed ceiling fan in an antique bronze perfectly compliments this industrial urban style room. Get the look with our Acqua Ceiling Fan - Wooden Blades.

(Image via Pinterest)


Ceiling fans are fast becoming a popular outdoor area item as people choose to bring the indoors, outdoors. When choosing a can for outdoors, it is essential that it has a certain wet rating making it safe for outdoor use. A damp rated fan is suitable for undercover areas which are not exposed to rain whilst a wet rated fan is suitable for open area use or use in salt air environments. Higher ratings mean more protection against weather. Many fans now come with protection against corrosion and UV rays as well as water protection. 

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are great for humid areas such as far north Queensland and Western Australia. See our range of out door fans here.

 (Image via Pinterest)

 Remember that the best way to choose the perfect fan is research. Each room and fan is different so make sure you make an informed purchase so you can begin enjoying the benefits of this marvelous invention. 

Why Porcelain Enamel Lights Are Perfect For Your Kitchen September 29 2017, 0 Comments

Often overlooked compared to it’s wood and glass counterparts, porcelain enamel is probably the best choice of lighting for a kitchen. It was used as far back as the Ancient Egyptians who created artworks and jewelry from it.

Porcelain enamel is created by fusing powdered glass to metal with extreme heat. The glass melts onto the metal to create a smooth and durable vitreous coating. Our porcelain enamel shades use the same age old methods to produce shades that mirror the factory shades of yesteryear. What we are left with is a robust shade that will stand the test of time in any home.

Porcelain enamel light shades can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. They retain their sheen over time and are very easy to clean. They became popular during the Industrial Revolution due to its resistance to corrosion and heat. For these reasons, they make excellent kitchen lights. 


Caitlin from The House on Beach Road used our Smokehouse Pendant Light in her kitchen, dining room and living room. Porcelain enamel lighting looks great in a range of interiors from coastal to industrial.


Porcelain enamel lights come in a range of design styles. This vintage style Deck Gooseneck Wall Light will add character to a plain wall or pillar. 


Beautiful styling with a green porcelain enamel pendant. 


The Large Industrial Scissor Light is perfect for kitchens as it can be lowered for the completion of specific tasks such as cutting. 


We are loving the black/white contrast of our High Top Smokehouse Light.


So what do you think? Would you consider porcelain enamel for your kitchen? Let us know below!

Spring Has Sprung: Get Your Outdoor Lighting Sorted September 22 2017, 0 Comments

Hopefully by now the weather has started warming up meaning we will all be heading outdoors for some long overdue bbq's and parties. Backyards come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you just have wooden decking, a wooden veranda, patio or pergola, the outdoor space can easily be brought to life with lighting.

Outdoor lighting has different safety requirements than the lighting used indoors so it is important to ensure any lights used outdoors have a high IP rating.

What is an IP rating?

An IP (Ingress Protection) is a classification of the level of protection of a light from solids (first number from 0-6) and liquids (second number from 0-8). The higher the number, the more protection the light has. Outdoor lighting needs a minimum rating of IP43.


"So what lights can I use to light up my outdoor space?"


Festoon Lights

A very popular choice, festoon lights are like fairy lights with normal sized light globes. A perfect party light which adds a magical charm to your outdoor area. Our Festoon Lights have a rating of IP23 meaning they are best used in a semi undercover outdoor area. String these lights against a wall or under a verandah to create a beautiful display. These lights are also perfect for weddings and parties as they can be moved around so you can create your very own display.


Pendant Lights

Not just for indoor use, you can use pendants in your outdoor areas as well. Our Wharf Outdoor Pendant Light is a stylish outdoor option because it hangs off a pole mount making it sturdy in windy weather. The cage gives it a vintage feel reminiscent of the old lights at the shipping docks. We see it hanging in a beach house or coastal chic outdoor area. The Outdoor Copper Pendant Light is a perfect light for a rustic setting because of the brushed copper shade.The chain gives it an industrial feel, perfect for a mainly concrete outdoor setting. 



Wall Lights

These are a fantastic option for walkways or home exteriors. They add character to an area whilst being incredibly functional. Wall lights can be used to give light to an area or as a design feature. For a vintage feel, choose wall lights with arms and shades to add a touch of charm such as our Vintage Gooseneck Wall Light. These lights are perfect for areas with high foot traffic and look smart when placed together in a line. The Copper Cabin Wall Light is made from raw copper making it extremely corrosion resistant and suitable for homes near the beach.

Not only for functionality, wall lights can be used as design features on home exteriors. Choosing lights which project directly onto the wall can create unique designs and highlights certain features of a house. The Copper Up Down Exterior Wall Light creates a spotlight effect on either side of the light. This adds a contemporary feel to the exterior.


Need more outdoor lighting inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board.


5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen September 14 2017, 0 Comments

The kitchen is probably the most utilised room in the house and chances are it isn't just used for cooking anymore. Whether you choose to entertain, relax or work in the kitchen, it's easy to create a stylish space without expensive renovations. By making small changes you can create a kitchen that you won't mind spending a lot of time in!

Display Your Sunday Best

When choosing decor for your kitchen, look no further than what you already have. Do you own beautiful decorative plates that only come out for special occasions? Why hide them away? Have a vintage set of scales or a retro mixer? They deserve to be seen! What about hanging your designer pots and pans? Choosing to display your interesting kitchen items will create a beautiful but functional space. It also might encourage you to use these items more!

Kitchen Retro

Image via Pinterest

Update Fittings And Fixtures

Cupboard doors and door handles can go out of date very quickly. Luckily they are just as quick to change for an instant kitchen update. Don't be tempted to go for the most popular fixtures and fittings just because they are currently in style. It is more important to keep your kitchen uniform in style than to be a trend follower otherwise your kitchen just won't look right. A quick splash of paint on cupboard doors might be the only update needed to give the illusion of a new kitchen. If you are confident you can keep it neat and tidy, why not take the doors off your overhead cupboards to give the illusion on more space. 

Kitchen Fittings

Image via Pinterest

Change Your Splashback

They say a change is as good as a holiday. Well think of this as a holiday for your kitchen. Changing your splashback is a great way to update your kitchen. Available in several different colours and materials, you can completely change the feel and style of your kitchen. Choose from glass, tiles, metal or marble. This could easily done on the weekend by an experienced DIY-er, otherwise leave it up to the professionals. 

Kitchen Marble Splashback

Image via Pinterest

Change Your Shades

Lighting can be easy to update without needing an electrician. If you have kitchen pendants you only need to change the shades for an instant update. Adding LED Strip lighting under overhead cabinets or islands will give any kitchen a modern update. Sometimes updating a kitchen light can be as simple as changing a light bulb to a different brightness or shape.

Kitchen Lighting

Image via Pinterest

Hang A Statement Piece Of Art

Kitchens shouldn't be left out when choosing where artwork should be displayed. Obviously you need to keep in mind the types of activities being done in certain areas and how exposed the art will be but a large artwork can create a focal point in a kitchen. Choose an artwork that compliments your kitchen style and colour palette. 

Kitchen Artwork

Image via Pinterest

Common Lighting Problems In The Home And How To Fix Them September 08 2017, 2 Comments

Lighting can either make or break a room. There are so many different options when it comes to lighting your home that it can often leave you frustrated when the lights you have chosen don't suit the space or what you are using it for. Check out our solutions below to the most common lighting problems people have in their home.


"My Kitchen Has Downlights But I Still Can't See What I'm Cooking"

Downlights provide a general glow in the home but more focused lighting is needed for areas where tasks will be completed. Try incorporating several different lighting solutions to create a balanced kitchen space. Pendant lights are best hung over a kitchen island bench and produce focused light whilst also adding to the decor of a room. Play around with the cord drop length to suit your needs. Another option is adding downlights under overhead cupboards which is especially helpful in small kitchens. 

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Image via Pinterest


"I Don’t Know How To Light An Awkward Space"

Do you have a recessed wall that stays dark because the other lighting doesn’t reach it? Try adding extra downlights within the nook or a wall light or pendant that will focus light in that small space and allow you to make use of it. Why not get the best out of that space by creating a reading nook or study area. Wall lights can be fixed in place or can have movable arms allowing you to focus light wherever you would like.

Desk Lighting

Image via Pinterest


"My Bathroom Is Lit But My Reflection Leaves A Lot To Be Desired"

The wrong bathroom mirror light can make you look and feel terrible. There is a fine balance between giving you enough light to complete tasks, and turning you into the monster in the mirror. Fluorescent lighting is too bright, yellow light can make you look tired and sick and downlights casts shadows that can add years to your face. The best light comes from a natural source however this is not always an option. In lieu of a window or skylight, a warm, white light from an LED light bulb is the way to go. Use wall lights on either side of the mirror to ensure an even dispersion of light. Hollywood vanity lights are perfect for an impressive reflection.

Image via Pinterest


"My Bedroom Lacks Ambiance. How Do I Make It More Inviting?"

Finding it hard to get into the mood? One word: dimmable. Dimmable light bulbs can have their brightness changed with a simple turn of a switch. This allows you to decide how dark or light you want the room to be. Try using a large chandelier in the middle of the room with pendant or wall lights on either side of the bed. Ensure they each have different switches giving you the ability to customize the combination of lighting in the room.

Bedroom Lights

Image via Pinterest


"I'm Renting But I Still Want To Be Creative With My Lighting"

Want to keep your bond but need to update your lighting stat? Floor lamps and table lamps can be added to a room as decorative or functional pieces of lighting. The styles can easily be changed with different bulb types or shades making it perfect for people who like to play around with different room styles. Another option is a pendant converter that plus into a ceiling fitting to create your very own pendant light without an electrician needed.

Rental Floor Lamps

Images via Pinterest


Know of any other lighting problems you would like us to address? Let us know below.


Kids Lighting - Put the FUN in Functional September 01 2017, 0 Comments

Whether sleeping or playing, your child will spend a lot of time in their bedroom. A childs bedroom should be fun and creative however it still needs to serve its purpose. There are so many ways to use lighting in a fun but functional way to ensure that there is enough light for reading, changing, playing and sleeping. 

Table Lamps

Table lamps are perfect for young children who are learning to read. Placed on a bedside table, a small table lamp will give adequate light for any child, or parent, who is reading a book in bed. If your child is scared of the dark, table lamps placed far away from the bed helps to keep the room light without being so bright your child can't fall asleep. Pick a table lamp with an inline switch for ease up use and a shade to save little fingers from touching the light bulb.

Wonderland Table Lamp

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is the Wonderland Timber Table Lamp 

Floor Lamps

These are perfectly suited for nurseries as they don't take up much space. They can be placed over feeding chairs or near change tables to focus light. They are also handy as the switch can often be turned on and off using feet with is great when you have your hands full with the baby. Choose a fabric shade for a more diffused light, useful for putting the baby to sleep. Best used in rooms without active crawlers as they could potentially be knocked down. 

 Floor Lamps

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is the Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp and Tilted Tripod Floor Lamp 

Wall Lights

A great option for curious kids who get stuck into everything! Wall lights can come with no visible cords so you won't have to worry about kids tripping over and they can be placed high, away from sticky prying hands. Choose lights with movable arms so the light can be focused on different areas of the room. Wall lights are perfect for playrooms or bedrooms with limited space.

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is the Industrial Two Arm Light 

Pendant Lights

You can have a lot of fun with pendant lights. They can be used as the hero of a room or to compliment a theme. Choose pendants with unique features to really create a room that feels fun. They can be hung over changing tables to distract little ones or next to beds in place of table lamps. Team with downlights so the room is adequately lit.

Images via Pinterest - Pictured is our Artichoke Timber Pendant Light and Atom Multi Light 

Festoon Lights

Purely for decoration, festoon lights are a great way to create a magical kids room. You can hang them along furniture, across ceilings or in a cluster. Usually used outdoors, these lights add a playful element to a childs room and will fuel their imagination!

Festoon Kids Lighting

Images via Pinterest - Pictured are our Festoon Lights


How have you chosen to light up your child's bedroom? Let us know below.

Renovating With Caitlin Hayden From 'The House On Beach Road' August 28 2017, 0 Comments

Caitlin Hayden knows all too well the highs and lows of renovating. She began renovating her Newcastle home almost a year ago and has just finished her kitchen, dining room and main living area. We chat to the newbie renovator about style inspiration, renovating tips and her favourite Fat Shack Vintage Lights. 

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Caitlin Hayden and I am the face behind the Instagram account @thehouseonbeachroad . Our renovation journey began almost a year ago when my husband, Jon and I brought a run down beach side home. It is definitely a renovator's delight and there is still plenty to do but we are gradually working our way through it with two children in tow.

How long did your renovation take?

We have only really just scratched the surface of our renovation journey, completing the kitchen and lounge a few months ago however the rest of the house is still a major work in progress.

The House On Beach Road


The House on Beach Road


Where did you get your inspiration from?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am always scrolling through magazines and social media sites seeing what clever things people are creating. My Instagram account @thehouseonbeachroad constantly feeds my inspirational needs and I am always blown away with people's creative talents. As a child my mum always loved to decorate and we would always be changing a room around which is where my passion for interior styling began. Still to this day my mum is a person I look to for decorating inspiration and opinions. 

The House on Beach Road

Click on the image to see more of Caitlin's style inspiration


At what stage of the renovation did you begin to think about lighting?

With our vaulted ceilings we always knew that we wanted pendant lights to drop down from the beautiful ceiling. Jon and I both love the simple and clean design of industrial style pendants so it was only matter of deciding what exact type to choose.

How did you discover Fat shack Vintage?

I stumbled upon Fat Shack Vintage when scouring the internet for Industrial style pendants. I absolutely loved the website and they had so many amazing lights to choose from. I have many of their other pendant light stored in my memory bank for the next stage of the renovation.

Why did you choose the Factory Ceiling Pendant Light?

What drew me into the store and eventually deciding on their product was the authentic designs. So many lighting stores offered industrial style pendants but when we looked at them closely they all looked too modern and their shape was too round. We loved the pendants from Fat Shack Vintage as they were true to an industrial style and gave us the exact look we were after.

 Fat Shack Vintage Lighting

Click here to view our Factory Ceiling Pendant Light

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking of renovating their home?

 My only advise is to be prepared for unexpected costs. I know people always say this and while I was aware that renovations were expensive, I didn't realise all the extra little things that can pop up. Have a contingency in the budget for these unexpected delights. If you're able to do this I can assure you the process will be so much less stressful. I have to admit I actually love the entire renovation process and watching it all unfold. Once a room is complete and you are sitting back enjoying the space, all of those stressful situations are easily forgotten.

We can't wait to see the rest of Caitlin's house when it is finished! Check out her Instagram page @thehouseonbeachroad for updates. If you are thinking about renovating your home, why not check out our lighting range



5 Unique Ways To Make Pendant Lights A Statement In Your Home August 25 2017, 0 Comments

Pendant lights are fast becoming the most popular choice for statement lighting in the home. Traditionally pendant lights have been used as a single light in the middle of a room, or distributed evenly over a kitchen island bench. With the emergence of new materials and designs, the styles of pendant lights are always changing, allowing you to get creative when deciding what pendant light to use in your home. Stand out from the crowd and choose from one of the unique styling options shown below.

Create Works Of Art

Pendant lights can be used to create functional works of art. Whilst it is tempting to hang a painting on every blank wall, pendant lights can be used instead. Try hanging your pendant lights against a wall to create a three dimensional art design, or alternatively use a large unique pendant in a minimalist room instead of artwork. It will have the same effect but leave your space feeling clean and uncluttered. Our Atom Multi Light will be a conversation starter in any room of the house. 



Construct Your Own Cluster

Create your very own chandelier by clustering multiple pendant lights together. Choose odd numbers to give a more organic look. Use different cord lengths to stagger your pendants into a length you like. Cluster pendants look great over a dining table or in a corner in place of a floor lamp. Check out our Cage Jar Pendant Lights for a contemporary pendant chandelier.

 Cluster Pendant Lights


Get Creative With Cords

Often the most underutilized part of the light, the cord can be used to create a unique design in your home. Choose pendants with an adjustable cord to allow you enough length to play around. Try tying knots, attaching them to walls or hanging them off objects. Our Rope Swing Pendant Light hides boring cords to create a nautical design.

 Pendant Light Cord


Contrasting Combinations

Step away from uniformity by choosing different style pendant lights and using them together. By removing symmetry the eye will be immediately drawn to the pendants making them the statement of the room. If you are unsure about using different lights, start with the same pendant in a different size or colour.

 Unique Pendant Lights


Choose The Re-Used Look

Upcycling is a big trend at the moment but if you aren’t very handy at DIY projects don’t stress! You can purchase pendant lights that have an unpycled look and you didn’t even have to touch a hot glue gun. Try vintage industrial lights with a pulley or wheel system or pendants with unusual shades such as baskets or bottles. Why not try our Carafe Glass Pendant Lights which are reminiscent of vintage decanters.

 Upcylced Pendant Lights


If you would like to see more of these images, check out our Pinterest Board - Perfect Pendant Lighting for more ideas.