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Our Top 5 Tips for Getting the Australian Beach House Look

November 19, 2019

Our Top 5 Tips for Getting the Australian Beach House Look

In Australia, we're blessed with a temperate climate, great beaches and a sun-soaked summer. Naturally this lifestyle transitions into our home, and with the rise of coastal living decor in people's homes, and with summer on the horizon, it's never been a better time to freshen up and revitalise your home. So, here are our top 5 tips to achieve the beach house look in your own home, even if you live miles away from the coast.

If your looking for the pendant found in the featured image above this is the Cocoa Wooden Beaded Pendant.

1. Add natural materials into your living room

Coastal living is all about woven and natural materials, neutral palettes and light-filled spaces. An easy way to get the coastal or boho coastal look in your home is to experiment with eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as rattan and wicker. These textures blend seamlessly into the room and can be transitioned into a multitude of items, including pendant lights, dining chairs or even planters and cabinetry. Don't forget to add some natural foliage (though we won't tell anyone if you buy faux plants!) to create a natural transition between outdoor and indoor spaces.

2. Keep it casual in the dining room

One of the most important things to remember when renovating or re-doing your home is to keep it casual! Never feel too constricted by style rules. This can be especially true in dining rooms, where rules are often strictly abided by as it's one of the formal focal points of the home, and where you host your guests.

So, to keep it casual, consider laid back options such as minimalist dining chairs, quirky materials such as rope (check out our Rope Chandelier featured above) or even splashes of artwork that assert your identity within the space. Still stuck for ideas? Check out our Instagram page for non-stop inspo!

3. Revitalise your bedroom

When we decorate our bedroom, we tend to forget about seasonality and how to style our bedrooms according to how we wish the space will evolve. So, rather than sticking with dark palettes and winter tones forever, consider injecting your bedroom with a good dose of coastal living through sheer white curtains, wicker pendant or wall lights and pure linen bedding.

And, rather than opting for a boring and uninspiring bedside table, consider alternatives such as a reimagined tree stump bedside table. Make sure there is plenty of natural light flowing into the room, and you'll be sure to achieve the beach house/coastal look in no time.

4. Make your bathroom your oasis

We often think of bathrooms as plain monotonous spaces that serve a functional purpose only. However, we wholeheartedly disagree. Bathrooms can be easily transformed into living spaces that bring the outdoor coastal vibe into your home.


To add a coastal look to your bathroom, consider installing a rain shower head, louvered windows that open up to a flood of natural light and foliage, and eco-friendly pendant lighting such as our Rattan Pendant Light (above).


5. Spend long summer nights outdoors

We're sure you've seen festoon lighting before, but if you've never taken the plunge into giving them a go, now's the time! Festoon lighting is a fantastic way to add ambience to a home outdoor entertaining area, and is perfect not only for day-to-day use, but also for birthdays, parties and weddings. Sprinkle festoon lights around your backyard to create a magical atmosphere that is sure to create lifelong memories of long summer nights spent socialising at home.

If you're considering a fresh outdoor look, head over to our friends at ModularWalls! Known for their exquisite, designer walls and fences (as seen on Three Birds Renovations), they're currently running their annual competition – The Ultimate Outdoor Lifestyle Pack – worth over $2000 in prizes…including your very own festoon lights! But you'd better be quick; the competition ends soon. Check out all the competition deets today!

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