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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

While all spaces in the home require particular attention paid to the different usages and requirements they bring, the kitchen is arguably the most involved. A room that requires task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting, there are a huge range of options and the potential to uplift a house. Most of these lighting types are needed in all kitchens, and there are a huge range of options to choose from within these groups. When it comes to actually using the kitchen, task lighting is the aspect to focus on. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you might choose to position downlights to work as task lighting, install dedicated wall lights to directly light your benches, or if the layout works for you, use pendant lights for a combination of accent and task lighting. This all depends on how your kitchen is structured. Is your kitchen bench up against the wall? Downlights are a great option and don’t take up any precious space. But what if there are kitchen cabinets positioned above the area, blocking out the light of downlights? Here, a series of wall lights may be just the thing to ensure your space remains bright and functional! What if you do most of your cooking on the kitchen island? Here, make use of bright LED bulbs and open bottom shades on pendant lights to provide as bright lighting as possible without compromising on style. Pendants are typically set above the kitchen island and are usually seen as accent lighting. With a dimmer installed, they can easily work for both purposes. Within these functional requirements there is a huge amount of room for style and decoration. Pendants can be paired with incandescent or lower wattage LED bulbs to create a moodier interior while downlights provide general lighting, whether you’re cooking or just enjoying the space.

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