Farmhouse Lights

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Farmhouse lights are a tribute to the agreeable simplicity and warmth of country charm or regional architecture. Often featuring hard wearing materials or pared-back natural textiles, designs are fashioned to produce an invitingly down-to-earth look and feel. Vintage farmhouse lighting represents a very versatile design aesthetic and can fall into a spectrum of rustic-to-modern depending on the materials used.

Practical in form and function, they feature robust builds that stand the test of time, and at times, designs that bring out beauty in imperfection. Pre-aged brass, bronze finishes and even linen rope not only capture natural tones and textures but also showcase traditional artisan methods. Farmhouse pendant lights and wall lights fitted with factory shades or barn-style shades are typical examples among a host of choices in our collection. Find a lighting solution to suit any interior decor, be it an authentic farmhouse feature or a contemporary rendition of a classic with shipping Australia wide. For further information have a read of our guide to Modern Farmhouse Décor.