Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is a vital consideration when planning the outside design of your home or business. Exterior Lighting, whether you are building, renovating or entertaining will help set the mood and create an inviting atmosphere to your space. Outdoor lights design options are limitless; use wall lights to highlight a feature wall, illuminate your entryway porch with a pendant light or create that distinctive warm evening glow in your backyard and garden with a set of festoon string lights.

Each outdoor light must have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating that is of a suitable level for where your light is being placed. The first number of an IP rating refers to dust or solids protection levels, whereas the second number refers to water protection levels; the higher the number, the greater the protection. A qualified electrician will be able to tell you what IP rating is required for your lights for them to be safely installed in your desired location.

The popularity of outdoor lighting in Australia has emerged from an inspiration and love of lighting trends dating back to the 19th century. From this early outdoor lighting inception, the styles and designs have been refined, reimagined and reproduced into what we find today.

We stock a wide range of wall lights, ceiling lights, festoon lights and spotlights that are available in a variety of colours, materials and IP ratings to suit your every need. From nautical style cages and copper spotlights to industrial inspired rod pendants and exterior minimalistic pillar lights, we have something for everyone.

Outdoor lights can create the first statement and impression of your home or business. Whether you are lighting an entry way porch or illuminating your veranda or balcony, exterior lighting is an important aspect of design. Our wide range of outdoor lights will suit traditional, contemporary or modern settings and is available for delivery Australia wide. From vintage wall lights to industrial pendants, we have a light for you.