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Living Room Lighting

Living Room Lighting

The living room is one of the most used parts of any house. The primary function of the room is as the name suggests: living! Whether that means reading a book on a relaxing weekend, watching your favourite TV shows, playing board games with family or entertaining friends, your living room has a lot of unique lighting requirements to remain as versatile and enjoyable as it can be.

A smart combination of lighting fixtures will ensure your living room is bright and evenly lit for general use throughout the day, and ready to be transformed into a cozy, atmospheric space for enjoying movies and TV shows, books and board games.
For the main sitting area, pendant lights will create a focal point. Position one above a coffee table to bring the whole area to the center of attention and create a great spot for conversation, perfect for entertaining guests. At the same time, if wanting to watch TV, dimmable downlights will keep the lighting low but comfortable and even enough to move around confidently, and without creating glare.

Table lamps and floor lamps have both overlapping and distinct uses in the living room. If your space includes a table or a desk, direct task lighting is perfect for anything from doing puzzles to doing homework, and can be achieved with adjustable table lamps, or floor lamps if surface space is limited. A lamp shade that accurately directs the light can ensure that the table or floor lamp does not interfere too much with the overall ambience of the room, allowing more people to use the room at the same time in peace. Table and floor lamps also make ideal light sources for reading. Place a classic table lamp with a fabric shade beside a comfy chair for soft, glare-free lighting, or a position an arc floor lamp above a couch. Large floor lamps are a great alternative to pendant lights where a permanent fixture isn’t possible, such as for renters.
Wall lights are a less common but stylish and functional addition to the living room. Whether as a permanent fixture or a DIY option, these lights can provide overhead lighting in tight spaces and are just the thing for creating a cozy readying nook in the corner of the living room.

Whether looking to give your living room a fresh new look, or adding some industrial, vintage or coastal flair, our collection of living room lights offers whatever you need to elevate your home and achieve the perfect look.

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