Kitchen lighting ideas for your home

November 15, 2015

Kitchen lighting ideas for your home

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s not just all about cooking, it’s where our entertaining happens, where we spend time with our families and friends. With open-plan being a feature of so many homes, the kitchen can be the centrepiece of the house.

Lighting your kitchen well is important. You need your lighting to be functional to illuminate your workspaces. But functional doesn’t have to be boring – you can incorporate great design elements into your kitchen by choosing the right lighting.   Try some of these kitchen lighting ideas.


Anchor the room with pendants

If used correctly, you can include pendants lights in your kitchen space for some wow factor. They’re great to use over island benches or kitchen tables. They let you inject a bit of personality into the kitchen and can anchor your overall design. 

When you’re selecting pendants for your kitchen you need to consider the height of the people who will be using the space to determine the length you will need. And for bulbs you need to factor in whether the space is going to be used for tasks like food preparation, or for catching up with family and friends over a cuppa or a meal. Loft ceiling pendant lights are a great simple, yet bold, choice.

lighting ideas for your kitchen space image via Houseandgarden


Make a design statement

Get creative and add some flair to your kitchen by using your lighting as an integral part of the room’s artistic design. Think of it as functional art work! Wire cage industrial pendants are simple but dynamic and can be used over kitchen countertops to create an eye-catching  look.  

Kitchen lighting ideas for your home image via Bloglovin


Layer the light

Having just one light source can be overpowering and you can lose the ability to create ambiance in your kitchen. By layering the light - having a few different light sources that are individually controlled – you can change the functionality around to suit yourself and your style, day and night, depending on what purpose it needs to serve at the time. A mixture of ceiling flush mount lights, downlights and pendant lighting create the layering effect in this kitchen.

Kitchen lighting ideas for your home image via hgtv


Wall mounts for a different look

Shine a light on your work surfaces with wall mounted lights – similar to the way you would use pendants or traditional spotlights. These warehouse wall lights have classic industrial look and will add to the character of your kitchen.

warehouse wall lights great kitchen lighting in your kitchen image via Architectural Digest


Downlights to accent your kitchen

If you’re upgrading your kitchen, why not use accent lighting to show it off? Use downlights to highlight features of your kitchen such as cabinets or your stove, even artworks. You can place downlights in the ceiling or under cabinets and shelves to create the look you are going for. The humble downlight is also very practical for lighting your benches up for food preparation.

Kitchen lighting downlight for your home image via brucehotchkiss

Pendants, downlights, wall lights or layering your lights: all of these are sure to give you some kitchen lighting ideas for your home. Which one is your favourite?

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