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Five Essentials For Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

November 13, 2019

Five Essentials For Your Outdoor Entertaining Area


With the warmer weather starting up, it is time to start thinking about your outdoor area. Whether you are trying to bring the indoors outdoors, creating a relaxing oasis or plan the perfect party house, we have the top 5 essentials to ensure your outdoor entertaining area is a winner all year round. 

Somewhere To Cook

The BBQ is one of Australia's most loved items and many would consider it to be the most important item in the backyard. Being able to entertain guests whilst still preparing food is now a common feature when people are redesigning or building houses. And whilst not everyone has the space (or money) to create a second kitchen, a cooking or food preparation area will bring the indoors outdoors and create an entertaining area worthy of a summer get-together.

Outdoor wall light on BBQ decking


Somewhere To Eat

Just like in the house, the dining table seems to be the epicentre of the home where everyone comes together to enjoy a meal. This is no different outdoors. To create an enjoyable and functional dining space outside, choose a dining table that fits your space. Ensure guests are able to mingle around the table and there is enough room to pull chairs out. If you only have a small area, a folding table or one that can have pieces removed or added will provide you with the dining table you need without encroaching on the space. 

Outdoor Entertainment Area


Somewhere to Relax

When you are stressed have you ever heard someone say that you should get back to nature? Just merely sitting outside has many health benefits which is why it is important to create a space that you can sit or relax. Choose a lounge suite for a large entertaining area or individual outdoor chairs for a smaller one. Include pillows and blankets for a truly cosy space. If you're lucky enough to have a place for it, hang a hammock for the ultimate relaxation place.

Balcony eating area


Something To Light The Way

If you look back through the last three images you'll notice they all have one thing in common; lights! Each area is has lighting carefully placed to ensure maximum efficiency. The most important thing when considering lighting is ensuring it has an appropriate IP rating. You can read more about IP ratings here. Lights should be placed anywhere you will be walking or sitting. Place wall lights along high traffic areas, hang pendant lights over dining tables or sitting areas and hang festoons all around for a fun party atmosphere. 


Outdoor Festoon Lights


Something To Grow

I think we can all agree that no outdoor area would be complete without plants. Plants keep the air clean, add decoration and create a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Remember to consider the type of plants to suit your outdoor area. If your area is small, choose small pots that can be placed on tables or hanging pots to keep the area uncluttered. In larger areas you can house multiple plants in the one area for a bold statement. Remember to choose plants that suit your lifestyle otherwise you might spend more time taking care of them rather than enjoying the outdoors!

For more Outdoor Light ideas, be sure to check out our full range of Outdoor Ceiling Lights, Outdoor Wall Lights and Festoon Lighting.


2 Responses

Charlotte Nicole
Charlotte Nicole

December 20, 2017

Thanks for a great article. I’ve always found that the quality of the flooring is really important. Having it easy to clean makes all of the other outdoor areas really stand out.

Claudia Beck
Claudia Beck

December 20, 2017

Definitely the above five are essentials in outdoor area entertaining , and very well put out article.
came across an article that talks about ways to create your perfect entertaining area, must read :

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