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Spring Has Sprung: Get Your Outdoor Lighting Sorted

September 22, 2017

Spring Has Sprung: Get Your Outdoor Lighting Sorted

Hopefully by now the weather has started warming up meaning we will all be heading outdoors for some long overdue bbq's and parties. Backyards come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you just have wooden decking, a wooden veranda, patio or pergola, the outdoor space can easily be brought to life with lighting.

Outdoor lighting has different safety requirements than the lighting used indoors so it is important to ensure any lights used outdoors have a high IP rating.

What is an IP rating?

An IP (Ingress Protection) is a classification of the level of protection of a light from solids (first number from 0-6) and liquids (second number from 0-8). The higher the number, the more protection the light has. Outdoor lighting needs a minimum rating of IP43.

"So what lights can I use to light up my outdoor space?"

Festoon Lights

A very popular choice, festoon lights are like fairy lights with normal sized light globes. A perfect party light which adds a magical charm to your outdoor area. Our Festoon Lights have a rating of IP23 meaning they are best used in a semi undercover outdoor area. String these lights against a wall or under a verandah to create a beautiful display. These lights are also perfect for weddings and parties as they can be moved around so you can create your very own display.


Pendant Lights

Not just for indoor use, you can use pendant lights in your outdoor areas as well. Our Wharf Outdoor Pendant Light is a stylish outdoor option because it hangs off a pole mount making it sturdy in windy weather. The cage gives it a vintage feel reminiscent of the old lights at the shipping docks. We see it hanging in a beach house or coastal chic outdoor area. The Outdoor Copper Pendant Light is a perfect light for a rustic setting because of the brushed copper shade.The chain gives it an industrial feel, perfect for a mainly concrete outdoor setting. 


Wall Lights

Wall lights are a fantastic option for walkways or home exteriors. They add character to an area whilst being incredibly functional. Wall lights can be used to give light to an area or as a design feature. For a vintage feel, choose wall lights with arms and shades to add a touch of charm such as our Vintage Gooseneck Wall Light. These lights are perfect for areas with high foot traffic and look smart when placed together in a line. The Copper Cabin Wall Light is made from raw copper making it extremely corrosion resistant and suitable for homes near the beach.

Not only for functionality, wall lights can be used as design features on home exteriors. Choosing lights which project directly onto the wall can create unique designs and highlights certain features of a house. The Copper Up Down Exterior Wall Light creates a spotlight effect on either side of the light. This adds a contemporary feel to the exterior.

 Need more outdoor lighting inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board.

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