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Five Ways to Use Outdoor Wall Lights

September 19, 2019

Five Ways to Use Outdoor Wall Lights


Outdoor wall lights are a simple and subtle lighting solutions that can greatly enhance your outdoor spaces. Adding a wall light to the exterior of a home or workplace can boost not only kerb appeal from the street but the value of a home. They can ready a patio or backyard balcony for entertaining and even be used in the bathroom.

We will take you through five ways to utilise outdoor wall lights to achieve the best look and get you thinking about what to do with your exteriors. From the front porch to the backyard, outdoor wall lights can be used in a multitude of ways. 


Light Your Front Door or Porch

The front of your home is where first impressions will be made.  Wall lights on either side of a front door can create an appealing aesthetic to your home and even act as a welcome light at night. Illuminating pillars can create a dramatic impression to your front entrance or show off the design of your home. Wall lights are not just designed to appeal after the sun has set. A plethora of designs in a wide range of styles will capture the eye of passersby during the day.

Walton outdoor wall light
Product in image is the Walton Outdoor Wall Light


Prep Your Patio or Balcony

Nothing can beat the Australian backyard and accompanying many backyards are patios and balconies. These areas in are used frequently in the warmer months of the year. A balcony or backyard veranda can be refreshed by updating or replacing your outdoor lighting. Wall lights can be installed next to backdoors, on feature walls near patio seating areas or above an undercover BBQ to make sure no sausages are burnt. Pay attention to your bulb of choice; a lower Kelvin colour temperature can create a warm atmosphere, perfect for hours spent outside on those warm summer nights.


Create Security and Comfort

Security around the home or workplace is vital. Your home and business security and comfort can be increased dramatically with the use of outdoor wall lights. A constant source of light on the outside of an apartment block creates safety at night and lighting a front door means you can see where you are going when arriving home late in the evening.


Gladestry Outdoor Wall Light
Product in image is Gladestry Exterior Wall Light.  


Side Entry Way Light

There is nothing worse than stumbling round in the dark. Whether you are coming home from work or putting the bins out on a Tuesday night. A subtle outdoor wall light down a side passage can work wonders and is very useful. Electricians can install sensors to your outdoor wall lights which will provide even more convenience at night without the need to switch lights on and off each time you step outside. You can direct guests to your side entry door or signal the entry to a hard to find bar or restaurant. 


Illuminate Your Bathroom

Outdoor lights are not just for the outdoor. Many come with damp and wet ratings meaning you can achieve optimum lighting without the worry of water or moisture damage. Bathroom mirrors should be well illuminated to highlight facial features. Wall lights are also decorative additions to a bathroom, with styles available. Wall lights themselves are practical lighting solutions as they don’t encroach on the sometimes-limited space you may have.


Eastport outdoor wall light in modern bathroom
Product in image is the Eastport Outdoor Wall Light


To find the right Outdoor Wall Light for your home, be sure to check out our full range

For more ideas on how to use your outdoor wall lights, check out our Pinterest page or some boards below. 

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