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Types of Pendant Lighting & How To Use Them

June 26, 2019

Types of Pendant Lighting & How To Use Them

Pendant lighting
is one of the most popular choices for interior design lighting. Within this category of lighting fixtures, there are many different variations to choose from. Depending on your room style, functionality needs and space type, there is always a perfect pendant lighting style waiting to be found.

Aesthetically, pendant lighting can be made from a multitude of materials. You can find pure metals like copper, brass and steel pendant lights or discover something more natural with a wooden, rattan, cork or bamboo designed pendant.

We will look at the basic types of pendant lights and how they can be used throughout your home to boost your décor style and enhance your space.


Glass Pendants

Image by Jake Roden. Products in image The Astor Pendant Light

A stand out favourite amongst home interior design, glass pendant lights are truly versatile. Design and customisation options are limitless with this type of pendant. They can evenly distribute and naturally diffuse light within your space. Whether you choose clear and opal pendant finishes, or ripple and crosshatch light shade designs, glass pendants can be use anywhere in the home or business.  For example; Schoolhouse Pendant Shades will inject an opulent feel into your room, diffusing light softly in the space. Likewise, some glass pendant lights are available with coloured shade finishes. The Crosshatch Glass Pendant which comes in a blue and amber coloured finish and the classic Glass Pendant Light is available in two smoked finishes to add an extra vintage finish to your room.


Multi Light Pendants

Image via Country To Hamptons. Product in image is the Washington Glass Light

Mutli Light Pendants
come in two distinct forms. The first style is made up from multiple light sources on arms that are attached to a central core. These can be shade-less, like the Vault Multi Light or come as shaded lights attached to an arm bar, like the Warehouse Industrial Light. They are great for illuminating large spaces like in a pub room or master bedroom.

The second kind of multi light pendant comes in the form of pendant cord lights (with or without shades) that are attached to a ceiling rose. These can be hung from circular ceiling roses with up to three, five or nine light drops, like the Cage 5 Drop Light, ideal for hanging in large open spaces like foyers or staircase landings. They also come with long rectangular ceiling roses that have lights hanging in a row, like the Dome Glass Pendant Light. The former is fantastic for stair wells and the latter is great for above kitchen islands or eating areas.


Drum Shade Pendants

Images via Pinterest

Generally cylindrical drum shaped, these lighting fixtures can be used as statement pieces and are a great alternative to glass pendant lighting. Often drum shade pendants are made from a fabric material, which creates a soft diffusing touch in a space. They can be used in various rooms throughout the home to make a statement or complement large areas like the dining room, master bedroom or living room. 


Globe Pendant Lights

Images by Brett Stevens. Product in image is the Diner Glass Ball Pendant

Another favourite among pendant lighting types, these have complete spherical shades that are either clear or fully diffused. They are great for achieving even distribution of light within a space or to achieve a classic lighting look. The Glass Ball Pendant lights are an excellent example of globe pendant lights, ideal for the kitchens, cafes or even lined down a hallway.


Cord Pendants

Images via NUD. Products in images are the (left) NUD Tube Foil Pendant and the (right) NUD Tube Cane Pendant.

These are the most minimalist style of pendant light – being a bare bulb on a pendant suspension cord. These are great for a subtle statement and for use in apartment living as beside lighting or over dining tables in small restaurants as they are not an encumbrance. They are also perfect for showing off designer bulbs or tapping into your creative side with the use of cluster arrangements.   


Linear Pendant

Product in image is the Mesh Linear Pendant Light. 

Linear pendants lights offer simple and effective lighting solutions. Generally, these lighting fixtures come with one long tube bulb on a long singular canopy. These are ideal for placement above kitchen islands, over long dinner tables, hung above a bar or even used to light up café seating areas. Due to their size, like for example the Pumpstation LED Light, they provide optimal light and will also suit both modern and traditional decors.  


Shade Pendants

Images via The House On Beach Road. Products in image are the Factory Ceiling Pendant Light

Here is where your creative side is handed the mic. This type of pendant covers a wide range of lights. From copper, brass and porcelain shades, to wicker style, rattan made or wooden finished. Whether it be a simple yet classic like the Factory style black shades or an eye-catching Wicker Hanging Basket light, pendant lights with shades are practical and always look great. This is also the perfect way to make a statement within your décor.

Lantern Pendants

Images by essentiallywildflowers on Instagram. Products in image are the Manly Glass Pendant Light

This is the epitome of vintage style pendant lighting. Often designed upon lights of days gone, these have an unmatched classic character and timeless appeal. They can be used to effortlessly enhance a space. From the minimal Manly Glass Pendant Light (pictured above) to the historic looking Manor Glass Pendant Light, lantern lights can transform the look of your home. Give your Hamptons home new appeal with a clear glass panel lantern light above a white dining table. Or line a wooden floor hallway with hanging lights to make a great first impression to guests. 


Fat Shack Vintage stocks a wide range of every type of pendant light you can find. To shop the full range, be sure to check out our range of pendant lighting. 

For more inspiration, be sure to follow and check out our Pinterest below. Or if your after more information have a read of our guide to learn everything you need to know, do's & don'ts and run through our handy Pendant lighting checklist for your next project.  

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