Gooseneck Lights

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Defined by its classic arches, gooseneck lights are favoured for the subtle touch of elegance they add to a space. A single gooseneck light is all it takes to elevate the aesthetics of your decor and brings with it a touch of timelessness. Although the style dates back to the early 1900s, this distinct feature lends itself to a range of lighting styles and materials to complement both vintage and contemporary design themes.

Often, the gooseneck is associated with wall lights. However, it has made its way across a range of lighting fixtures and is now used to accent chandeliers, pendants and even flush mounts. This wide choice of indoor gooseneck lighting affords the opportunity to maintain a lighting theme across your living spaces. Not limited to the indoors, gooseneck lights are an effective way to style outdoor settings as well; a large gooseneck outdoor light for your porch or gooseneck lights over garage doors are ways to add appeal to your residential and commercial facades.

The unique look this fixture brings to a space is made even more accessible with the range of mounting options, sizes and finishes to mix and match and customise as required. Choose from our collection of gooseneck lighting options, whether you simply want to update a wall arm, bring some farmhouse flair or make a lighting statement with a chandelier.