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The Importance of Office Design

April 9, 2019

The Importance of Office Design

Office interior design has become an important aspect of many business. Gone are the days of grey walls, boring office cube dividers and harsh fluorescent lighting. Here are the days of open plan spaces, indoor plant walls and quirky meeting rooms with cushioned seating. The importance of office design has become paramount for boosting productivity, mood and the overall vibe of your workplace.

Achieving the look and feel of a coworking office space is as easy as choosing the right lighting fixtures and decor furnishings. Natural colours, eco-friendly materials and flowing transitional light will aid your business in a multitude of ways.

Nature and the Eco Office

Products in image are: Wood Top Glass LightLoft ShadeNordic Pendant Light

Indoor plants are popular in modern interior office designs. Adding greenery brings a natural feel into the work place, improving air quality and, naturally, boosts the mood. However, incorporating other natural materials and objects in the office, through lighting and furniture, can further boost this comforting natural quality. Using woods in products is a progressive trend. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and you can rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Whether purely decorative or for office space functionality, reclaimed furniture can enhance and boost a space in many ways. Placing a reclaimed pine coffee table in an office waiting area or by lobby seating will not only create a distinguished first impression, it will create a welcoming eco-friendly impression. Likewise, using wicker or wooden lighting fixtures in an office lunch room or meeting boardroom will positively impact employees break times and concentration during long meetings or presentations.


The Old Becomes New

Product in image is the Boathouse Wall Light

Vintage design is an ever-popular trend that will never disappear. What was once old and outdated, constantly returns into the spotlight in new and exciting ways. The grouping of both vintage and modern design has also become a popular trend amongst office interior spaces with the use of sleek, contemporary architecture, vintage lighting fixtures, furniture or art.

Placing vintage style wall lights or pendant lights in tea rooms, meeting rooms and working spaces can forms an almost art gallery vibe in your workplace. The result is a unique working environment and an all round interesting place for employees to work. Rather than using an everyday office boardroom meeting table, why not opt for something unique and different like an extendable dining room table. Or use a factory styled pendant light to not only achieve an appealing look but to create a vintage charm that will leave a lasting impression with clients and employees.

Personality in the Workplace

Product in image is the E27 Pendant Light

Nothing makes an office or business more appealing than creating some unique branding and showcasing this through workplace appearance. Colour, quirkiness and originality shows off company personality and will make your business’ space stand out from the crowd.

Choosing unique lighting fixtures like art deco or Scandi style pendant lights will impress clients, create a comforting feeling for employees and give the office a modern appeal. Hang an eccentric chandelier or group of pendant lights in an office building lobby or above an open plan meeting area. Add a sophisticated leather armchair in a corner of an executive office or use a vintage styled table in a break room or quirky office couch area.

Achieving a coworking office environment is an important aspect of interior design for businesses. It is easily attainable through not only the architectural design, but also through the interior lighting and furniture choices you make.

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