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The Perfect Spare Room

December 22, 2017

The Perfect Spare Room

So it's that time of the year again. You've got your family or friends staying and now that spare room that lays dormant for most of year will suddenly be filled with life. Often the spare room becomes the dumping ground for items that don't fit in the main rooms of the house. But with visitors staying, its time to clear it out and start again. Here are our top 5 items for a killer spare room.


1. Storage

Someone might not be using the spare room all the time, however putting in a wardrobe or chest of drawers will provide extra storage space for household items such as linen or for guests who stay for longer periods. Shelving is ideal for spare rooms as you can store books and other small decor items that don't have a place, or aren't stylish enough, for your main living areas. Books also give guests reading material in their down time.

Spare Room grey

Image via Pinterest


2. Desk

Having a home office in a spare room is a great space saver and practical too. If you just need somewhere small to pay bills or have the kids do their homework without distraction, putting a desk in the spare room will give the room another purpose for every day.


Spare Room

Image via Pinterest


3. Bed

Obviously you can't have people stay the night without giving them a place to sleep. If you often host guests then it makes sense to keep a proper bed in your spare room. However if you don't, it might be an idea to use a sofa bed instead. This allows you to use the spare room as a second living room or kids rumpus room as well as a place for guests to stay. Just make sure you choose a high quality, comfortable sofa bed to avoid complaints the next morning!

 IKEA sofa bed

Image via IKEA

4. Lighting 

As the spare room can be used in many ways, you should choose lighting to reflect the different uses. Choose table lamps to use for tasks such as reading, studying or just paying bills. Downlights can be used to provide general light whilst a bold pendant light can be added to create a stylish look or tie the room together with the rest of the house. 

 Bedside table

Image via Pinterest


5. Decor

You shouldn't be neglecting the style of the spare room just because it doesn't get seen all the time. Colourful artwork on the wall or unique bed linen will help create a happy environment that will make your guests smile. If you don't have confidence in your styling skills, the spare room is a great place to flex your design muscles without disrupting the main areas of the home. Have fun with linen, throw pillows and small decor items like photo frames and pot plants.

Pastel Decor

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