Beach Decor Ideas For Homes In Every Location

January 31, 2017

Beach Decor Ideas For Homes In Every Location

Australia is blessed with a bounty of beaches and for many, coastal living has been their calling. There’s something thrilling in opening your windows to the sight of the great, big blue. The sound of the waves, the scent of the ocean, the loud craws of the birds – all of these invite you for a new adventure. Unfortunately, not all of us gets our own slice of the beach. But here's the good news: you don't have to live anywhere near the sea to enjoy it.

If you can't bring your home to the beach, bring the beach into your home with these stunning seaside decor ideas.

Beach blues

Cool blues, bright turquoise, crisp whites — all these colours remind one of the waves of the sea and the wide, cloudy sky hung above it. Mix and match these colours with other "cool" shades like grey and dusty pink to create that seaside effect. Tip: throw in some greens to create a bright, tropical look.

Shades of blue with a touch of green


Pop-out Pallettes

As a follow-up to the idea above, why not create a nice splash of colour by using beach hues on your wall? Paint one section of the room for a highlighted effect. Add your favourite painting and voila! Here's an instant coastal charmer.
Pop out colour

What do you sea?

For the collectors and curators: it’s time to take out your precious treasures out of their boxes and put them in display. The best way to create a seaside look to your décor is to infuse it with popular beach-themed favourites such as marine stripe throws, little boats, starfish souvenirs and rattan furniture.
What do you sea? Hidden treasures on view

White Wood Wonder

Tired of white? Make it work by instantly dressing your white-painted room with beach inspired paintings, grey and blue bed sheets, sand-coloured carpets and stripe throws. Yes, white may seem like a bland hue; but the addition of cool colours will make your room feel airy and light, giving you enough space to explore the possibilities with minimal decoration.
White wood and beach inspiration

Villa Variety

Make your home look like a luxury resort cabin. Off white, beige, sand and wood creates a villa-esque backdrop for your seaside décor. Our favourite part? The twin rattan pendant lights hanging from the island, adding a tropical flair in this modern, contemporary kitchen.  Tip: Fat Shack Vintage carries beach-inspired lighting products you might want to check out!

Rattan pendant lighting

Sail on with stripes

Be the captain of your own ship with this marine-inspired décor. Strong blues are set against white and neutral colours to recreate a maritime charm. But don’t be limited with just one pattern. Take a hint from this seaside décor; it makes use of different prints to showcase an eclectic coastal style.

Sail away with stripes

Trip in the tropics

Don’t be limited with tones of blues. You can also play with cool earth tones, nudes, off-whites and greys, and some splashes of bright reds, greens and yellows in between. Take for example this cosy cottage-inspired living room. The unlikely coral-shaped lamp highlights a coastal flavour, and the potted plants gives off a tropical atmosphere.

Coral shaped lamp highlights a room

Who says you can’t enjoy the beach whenever you like? With these seaside décor ideas, you can make summer last forever, right inside your home.

Love these tips? Tune in to our blog for more interior décor updates! Meanwhile, join in the discussion by commenting below.

Images via Fat Shack Vintage Pinterest Board - Beach Decor Inspiration.

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