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Vintage Schoolhouse Pendant Lights Special

October 31, 2014

Vintage Schoolhouse Pendant Lights Special

It’s time for another special on our blog, and this time we focus on the beautifully stylish vintage glass pendant lights known as schoolhouse lights. These pendant lights are a timeless classic. They were first popular in the 1920s, where they appeared in schools, but also in other public institutions such as libraries and courthouses.

Our schoolhouse pendant lights are beautiful reproductions which accurately duplicate the delicate lines and classic shapes that are loved by so many. On top of that, the glass is hand-blown, which gives the lights extra character. With their timeless appeal, these glass pendant lights will fit in with many interiors, not in the least with industrial ones.

Curious as to how these lights would look in your home? Here are some examples of schoolhouse pendant lights adding a touch of class to different rooms:

Room: Kitchen
Schoolhouse light: Washington


Room: Home Office
Schoolhouse light: Chelsea (Available in large)

Room: Restaurant
Schoolhouse light: Yarra, & various other schoolhouse pendant lights.


Room: Living room
Schoolhouse light: Flinders


Room: Bathroom
Schoolhouse light: Beehive

These are just a few inspiring suggestions where these vintage glass pendant lights can work their classy magic.

Are you a fan of vintage schoolhouse pendant lights? Let us know your thoughts & ideas about these lights in the comments below!

Image 1 & 5 via Houzz, image 2 via Pinterest, Image 3 via AZBcreative.

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