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Lighting For Minimalists | Simple Lighting Designs For Every Room

November 10, 2017

Lighting For Minimalists | Simple Lighting Designs For Every Room

The recent trend of de-cluttering and living a simple life has had an impact on interior design. Minimalism has worked its way into modern homes in the form of butler's pantries, wall to floor storage and neutral colour palettes. Lighting is a necessity for every house however incorporating lighting in a minimalist house can be daunting. Minimalist doesn't necessarily mean using the most minimal amount of lights, but rather choosing designs that are simple, complimentary to the space without interrupting the natural flow and are the most efficient in lighting the room. See our favourite minimalist lights below and how you can incorporate them into your home. 

The kitchen is probably the room which needs the most amount of light but you can still keep in line with your minimalist style. Linear lighting is your best bet as they provide light for a wide space whilst still maintaining the minimalist look. This lighting can be suspended from the ceiling or as a flush mount. You could even use track lighting which has a similar shape but allows you to focus the light to certain areas.

Try the Lab Linear Fluro Light for a classic white kitchen or the Brushed Copper Linear Light for a more contemporary look.

Linear Kitchen lighting

Image via Pinterest

A great choice for a dining table or living room is a single pendant in the centre of the room. Smooth surfaces and plain colours will compliment a minimalist dining table setting. Choose a large light to eliminate the need for other lighting. If in doubt, choose subtle recessed downlights to add to the brightness of the room. Choose the Dome Rise & Fall Pendant or for a large pendant that will keep the minimalist look.

Dining Table Lighting

Image via Pinterest

 Living room lights

Image via Pinterest


The bedroom is usually a difficult place to keep the minimalist look as the majority of personal items are kept in the bedroom. Plain pendant lights with bare bulbs will help to keep your bedroom looking clean and simple. If you want to add some interest to the pendants, choose a designer bulb with a unique design or filament shape. 

 Bedroom Wall Light

Image via Pinterest

Pendant Light

Image via Pinterest

The bathroom doesn't need as much ambient lighting but more lighting for completing tasks such as brushing your teeth and doing your makeup. A small wall light next to the mirror will provide adequate lighting without compromising the minimalist feel of the bathroom. A single pendant light can also create a beautiful feature. Choose the Bunker Globe Wall Light for a simple and stylish wall light.

Bathroom Wall Light

Image via Pinterest

When it comes to decorating a minimalist home, less is more doesn't have to mean compromising on style. 

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