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Inspiration For Lighting A Kitchen Island Bench

October 24, 2017

Inspiration For Lighting A Kitchen Island Bench

So you're lucky enough to have a kitchen island but now comes the hard part. How are you going to light it? Whether your island bench will be the main food preparation area, a breakfast bar, second study area or simply a beautiful feature in your kitchen, you should ensure your lighting suits the purpose of your kitchen island bench. See some of our favourite kitchen lighting inspiration below.

Pendant Lights

(Image via Pinterest)

These pendant lights are a perfect choice for this white kitchen. The pale blue colour compliments the natural would floor and marble bench and adds to colour to an otherwise plain kitchen. Notice the size of the lights in the scale of the kitchen. They have chosen larger pendants which fit in well with the size of the space and the ceiling height. Smaller pendants would look out of place in such a grand area and they wouldn't provide enough light either. Get a similar look with our Terrazzo Pendant Light or a vintage style Hobnail Glass Pendant Light.


Kitchen Island Lighting Pinterest

(Image via Pinterest)

This three light pendant perfectly suits the modern farmhouse style of this kitchen. The shade of grey is carried throughout the kitchen to ensure the design flows well. The opal style light bulbs will diffuse light evenly onto the kitchen island without highlighting it too much. This pendant doesn't need to cover the whole bench due to the natural light from the windows and large skylight. We recommend our Warehouse Industrial Chandelier to recreate this look along with a LED Dimmable Opal Bulb.


White kitchen lighting

(Image via Pinterest)

If you want to keep your kitchen area clear and uncluttered then track lighting is for you. This minimalist kitchen has used track lighting the same colour as the roof to further minimise the impact of the light fitting on the decor. The lights are also able to be directed onto certain areas of the kitchen. This LED Track Lighting is available in black or white allowing you to decide if you want it hidden or on display. 


Pendant Light Kitchen

(Image via Pinterest)

If you have a kitchen that is already adequately lit, a cluster of pendants will add a decorative element. By clustering them to one side, it doesn't take away from the design of the kitchen bench and won't feel like it is cluttering the space. The exposed bulbs are perfect for this natural style kitchen but you can add shades or cages to suit your style. These Metal E27 Lamp Holder Pendant Light Cords will create a modern statement in your kitchen.


country style kitchen

(Image via Pinterest)

Whilst the rule does say that when hanging lights always hang an odd number, this rule needs to take into account the size of the bench. You don't want to over crowd the space just because a magazine said you needed a certain number of lights. If your kitchen bench is smaller you can definitely hang two pendants and get the same design affect by choosing a larger size. If you have a longer bench you might consider hanging four. The metal frame of this light matches the fittings of the kitchen creating a uniform look and a stylish country style kitchen. The Manly Glass Pendant Light will give you the same look.


Linear Kitchen light 

(Image via Pinterest)

Using linear lights rather than pendants are a popular choice in modern kitchens. The sleek lines of the light blends in seamlessly with the kitchen design. The large glass doors allow enough light into the kitchen that the kitchen island light seems more of a decorative feature than functional. See more linear lighting options here


What is your favourite kitchen island bench light? Let us know in the comments below. See our Pinterest for more inspiration.

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