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How To Light Your Dining Room

May 26, 2019

How To Light Your Dining Room

The dining room is a special place within the home. It is a place to eat, share stories and host guests. A dining room can be low key and subtle or lavish and grand. What ever your style, this room can never be complete without the right lighting.

As a speciality area of the house, lighting needs to be thoughtfully considered in your dining room. It will determine the ambience, atmosphere and leave a lasting impression. We will show you the essentials on how to light the way and get the most out of your dining room by using Pendant Lights.  

Styling Time

Always consider your dining room theme, whether it be modern, industrial, coastal or Hamptons, just to name a few. Choosing your dining room light to match this look will ensure flow and structure in a space. Using both pendant lights and wall lights together in a room can add extra style. Choosing from a from a lighting design range, like the Warehouse or the Schoolhouse range, will maintain continuity throughout not only your dining room, but your entire home.

Size Matters

Consider the size of your dining room. Is it a grand, high ceilinged space or a small and cosy room? Whatever it may be, size proportion always matters. Large tables need sizeable pendants. These can be almost chandelier like. The Gatsby Glass Light is ideal for large, grand dining room tables. Whereas smaller pendant lights, like the Bamboo Dome Pendant or the classic Cone Pendant Light would singularly suit smaller spaces. 

Hanging height also plays a part in this. A general rule of thumb is that the bottom of your light should be almost one metre from the top of your table. This ensures enough space, and illumination. Test out the perfect height for your table and lighting choices by sitting around the table.

Making Statements

As the dining room is used to host guests and visitors to your home, a bold lighting statements is a must. Not only does it leave lasting impressions, it can complement your dining room table. A centrepiece will immediately catch the eye of anyone in your space. Some can create a sculptural presence within a room. Consider large pendant lights like the Vault Drop Pendant Light or the Industrial Spider Chandelier. These are almost chandelier like, creating a sculptural presence within a room and therefore the ultimate statement piece. Alternatively, consider multi drop lights, like the epic 9 Pendant Light. These kinds of lights not only provide functional lighting, but they will complement large rooms, tables and furnishings.

Bright Ideas

Getting the right level of illumination and brightness is a must when considering dining room lighting. Pendant lighting come in an array of styles, from simple cords with exposed bulbs to large glass shades with diffusing opal finishes. Bulb and shade choices are necessary to ensure enough light is cast on your setting. The Cone, Warehouse or Factory style black pendant lights have lower shade openings with an inner white finish. This projects a wide illumination and brighter distribution of light, perfect for a larger table or centrepiece arrangement. Whereas styles like the Glass Ball Pendant lights will cast an even distribution of light to make a more ambient look. Similarly, glass pendant lights suit almost any decor style and theme, making them one of the most popular dining room light choices around. 


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