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How to Achieve a Boho Look in Your Home

May 13, 2019

How to Achieve a Boho Look in Your Home

Boho Decor is an expressive style of interior design that represents character, colour and culture. Drawing on a classic bohemian and hippie lifestyle, boho design has transformed over the years due to its DYI grassroots, design innovation and interpretation. It is an accessible design choice that anyone can achieve.

By breaking boho into four distinct categories, you can harness this unique look in your own home. By selecting the right lighting fixture and style, you will begin to enhance your space. Who knows, you might already be well on your way to embracing that care-free boho look and feel.


Boho Chic 

Boho Chic Living Room Design

The most popular of all the boho trends, boho chic breaks the mould of design rules as a unique take on bohemian style. It begins with a neutral palette and ends with decorating using unique furnishings with vibrant colours, patterns and textures. A mix n’ match of styles and colours is essential, and this includes your lighting choices. A woven pendant Light with a designer bulb can be both a neutral starter and a feature in a room with a warm ambient glow. Or better yet, use a lamp like the Cork Cylinder Lamp to complement your unique wooden furnishings and fill corners of a room.


Boho Beach

This the ultimate calm side of the boho trend. 8It takes the clean vibes of coastal styles and marries it with raw textual pieces, interesting styles and beach side vibes. The coastal whites will enhance your chosen boho pieces, whether it be rugs, furniture or a special lighting choice. Unique lighting will become a focal point among the clean or off-white walls or next to hanging wall rugs. Likewise, a Wicker Basket Hanging Light or Helsinki Floor Lamp will boost the relaxed vibe of your space tenfold.


Boho Jungalow

This realm of boho means not only about creating a green jungle in your living room but it must reflect your quirky personality. This includes multitudes of vibrant with colour, vintage pieces, and wood or wicker furnishings. Harnessing the Jungalow décor style is made easier if you have the right lighting. Our Bamboo or Wicker Pendant Lights will boost the Jungalow feel with their natural materials that will effortlessly complement your house plant choices. Likewise, the simplicity of a Bright Sprout Pendant Light will aid in illumination whilst adding a touch of subtle personality amongst the eccentric decor.

Modern Boho

It’s not all greenery and beach side vibes with Boho décor. A modern boho design embraces an array of different styles, implanting a rustic and raw take to the designs. Think Boho chic with coastal styles, or Scandi designs with animal skin rugs and quirky furniture. Make a modern statement with the layering your space and calling attention to your lights. The Bulb Wing Wall Lamp will provide functional illumination whilst comfortably suiting the style.

Boho exudes character and culture through uniqueness and diversity. Lighting solutions is a way to enhance this, through personality, quirkiness and all the while serving functionality in your space.

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