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Our Top 5 Bedroom Pendant Light Styles

May 15, 2019

Our Top 5 Bedroom Pendant Light Styles

Whether you want to maximise space in your bedroom, or you're just aesthetically adventurous, bedside pendant lighting is a great new trend to experiment with in your home living space.

We are increasingly living in a world where space is a luxury, not a given. Here at Fat Shack Vintage, we think that one solution to this problem is through the installation of bedside pendant lighting. This is a great way to not only maximise every inch of available space, but it also lets you get creative and break free from the boring norms of the standard bedside table/lamp set-up.

But where do you start? We know that researching lighting can be daunting, especially if you've never ventured into the world of vintage lighting before. So, we've done our research and have curated a list of our top 5 pendant lights which would shine in any bedside lighting space.

And, for the keen eyed, the pendant lights in the cover image are our Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shades.


1: The Art of Simplicity

Sometimes, design doesn't have to be over complicated. Our Knurled Metal Lamp Holder Pendant is a testament to the power of minimalism to make a subtle statement to your bedroom, while remaining effortlessly practical. Arrange two together (one per bedside table) for a symmetrical effect.


2: For the Cautious Renter 

However, we understand that for those who rent, installing lighting directly is not always an option. A clever solution to this dilemma is to utilise suspended pendant lighting above your bed, like @jemimahclegg did. As long as you have a wall plug, you can install pendant lighting without impacting on the wall above or behind it. Want to grab the look? Find the Steel Cage Light here.


3: The Modern Twist 

Wicker and rattan is an extremely popular style at the moment, so we've got your woven needs covered. The Wicker Basket Hanging Light exemplifies the convergence of modern living and natural textures, and is perfect for those wishing to add a boho or coastal look and feel to their living space. This works particularly well if you add other natural, woven, wicker or rattan textures to your bedroom, such as pure linen bedlinen, woven textured cushions, and wicker headboards or bedside tables. 


4 & 5: The Art Deco Aesthetic 

However, you might want to add a classic and timeless element to your living space. We think the art deco aesthetic of our Deco Glass Ceiling Pendant can be used as matching pendant lights, adding a quintessentially classic elegance to your bedroom. This is also perfect for renovators or home reno enthusiasts who want to refresh their space, breaking free from boring and drab lighting.

So, whether you prefer minimalist, modern, or classic art deco design, or anywhere in between, we have something for everyone regardless of your taste. And, if you're a renter who can't necessarily install lighting directly, we have several solutions so you don't have to compromise on style. 

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