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Industrial Cafe Interiors Ideas for Your Home or Office

December 23, 2015

Industrial Cafe Interiors Ideas for Your Home or Office

There is something cosy and inviting about cafe interiors that make us want to stay, lounge about and take a sip from our favourite cup. Smartly placed couches, practical little nooks, ambient lights and open tables instantly make us feel at ease. Add to that the smell of the brewed coffee grinds, the relaxing music and the slow pace of the atmosphere—here, you have a perfect little hideaway to detoxify yourself from stress.

Cafes are also perfect spots that inspire creativity. The industrial appeal of modern cafe interiors invites quiet minds to work and ponder. This is no surprise why most of one's best ideas suddenly pop out, greatly hinted with a jolt of their favourite caffeine (or if you choose, decaf) drink, as opposed to one’s office or home.

What makes cafe interiors so special? Is it possible to make your home as relaxing as your favourite coffee shops? Let’s take a peek at some of the best cafe interiors from the big cities all around the world, and discover their features in fine details.


  1. Reynards at the Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

glass ball shades in a cluster used as cafe lighting image via pinterest

    Clusters of glass ball pendant lights and glass ball wall lights are among the best features of this cafe interior spotted in Brooklyn’s favourite go-to spaces. These create a warm, softer charm, especially when paired against the rustic wooden ceilings, giant arced windows and the red-brick walls. Small, elegantly slender stools are spread out in the middle, perfect for group chit-chats, while a nook at the side leaves spaces for individuals to enjoy their moment alone. Another best highlight? The hexagonally patterned flooring, making this place appear like a busy beehive for the thinkers and doers.

    Get this look:  You can easily mimic the industrial component of this interior by fitting your brick walled space with rustic wooden fixtures and round ball lights, such as our Glass Ball Swivel Wall Light


    1. Mama Shelter Paris by Philippe Starck

    steam-punk style industrial lights image via pinterest

      This dark and moody Parisian cafe offers a countryside charm mixed with a brazen, steam-punk attitude. The collision of two worlds is softened by the giant chalkboard ceiling, which allows the staff to redecorate it whenever they wish. Pendant lights add focus to the table, so one can set their eyes on their meals without any distractions. Everything seems like dressed down: concrete, wood and metal, in its raw beauty.

      Get this look: Logs for benches and tables? Why not! Add accents of lean metal stools, and drape your ceilings with masculine lighting installations.  

      1. Bread + Butter by Alberto Cabrera

      rustic style lighting used as cafe lights image via pinterest

        Rooted in deep Cuban roots, this interesting cafe thrives with strong rustic influence, mixed with bright pops of modern colours for a tease. The wooden table is spread out in long length, with metal seats to accommodate every guest with a roomy space. Wooden shelves are framed comfortably on the white brick wall, while irregular lights add a stunning punch to the whole atmosphere. 

        Get this look: Adorn your white brick walls with lean plywood as your shelving. For your quaint lighting, mix and match LED light bulbs and achieve that star-like charm.


        1. Monk Bodhi Darma

        vintage-inspired cafe interior using cage lighting image via pinterest

        Located in Melbourne, this vintage-inspired cafe interior is for made especially for the wanderlust and the nature-lover. Other than hosting a healthy feast for its guests, the cafe’s ambiance also offers a meditative feel that invites one to lay back and keep still. The peeling effect on the brick wall adds an Arcadian touch, especially mixed with faded wood furniture and delicate pendant lighting.

        Get this look: The peeling brick wall can be achieved by using veneers, or even a drywall. Set a line of Cage Industrial Shade by your favourite wooden nook. Soften the serious spaces with little flower vases containing your favourite blooms—even a pot of succulents can make a difference!

        Just by taking a feature or two from your favourite cafe interior, you can make your own dwelling place as beautiful, and as creative. Use these tips to recreate your nest into a place of tranquility and inspiration.

        Do you have a favourite cafe where you just love its interior?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

        Images via FSV and our “Cafés & restaurants” Pinterest board.

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