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There's nothing that goes as well with spacious interiors as a tripod floor lamp. A simplistic, white or light-coloured living room design with enlivening accessories is popular amongst many people at the moment, and a tripod lamp provides just the perfect accent. They fill up a lot of the unused space without taking away the airy and voluminous feeling of the design. In fact, when your room has high ceilings it can also add height to your furnishings, saving them from looking squat. Moreover, these 'lamps on legs' come in all colours, shapes and sizes and can therefore fit with any other accessories you may want to match it with. And even if you have more satiated, cosy interior design, tripod lamps can still do a wonderful job to liven up dead spaces or even smaller surfaces. If you love tripod lamps as much as we do but you're stuck for ideas, here are some different types for inspiration.

Object of  Affection

Some of the best examples of tripod lamps are vintage inspired. As is often the case, practical objects have lead to new ideas, as with the Signal Light Tripod Lamp. This lamp, inspired by the vintage marine signal lamps, has a robust yet classic feeling to it which goes well with many styles. It's iconic legs are also found in another well-loved tripod lamp, inspired by the media that capture the world of glamour: film and photography. Photographer's lamps are huge and need a lot of space. Shaped like spotlights or reflector shades, they are perfect for very high ceilings and extremely wide spaces such as converted industrial buildings. Adding lighting like this adds an undeniable vintage touch to any interior. Despite this, they are again easily combined with styles such as modern, industrial and rustic.

Lovely Long Legs

Now that the tripod lamp is once again in the spotlight, there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. But even though lamp shades can give a definitive twist to the lamp, it's the legs that give the tripod it's unique charisma. The aforementioned the Signal Light Tripod Lamp and photographer's style lamps usually have sturdy legs, but there are also tripods which have very slender and thin legs, giving them a more delicate air. This is especially true for types that have legs all the way up to their lamp shades. The spiky ends of these legs make this floor lamp a clear, sharp element.

The arrangement of the legs can also have a surprising impact on the look of a tripod. Triple-jointed legs that are joined up more 'clumsily' at the top can bring about a more relaxed and cosy look. On the other hand, curved legs can be incredibly hip and stylish, especially in black or a primary colour.




It's the Small Things

While most people imagine tripod lights in their usual floor lamp appearance, tripods can actually also serve as a smart table lamp very well. These down-sized versions can make an otherwise boring workspace more inspirational or invigorate a lifeless side table. Use these tripod table lamps to create unique light patterns by treating them as 'local' lighting. You can go for the classic fabric shades, or brighten things up by leaving the shade off and using interesting light bulbs. Plumen bulbs would be a good idea in this case.

Have you been inspired to use a tripod lamp to make that empty space in your room a bit more interesting? Have a look at our floor lamps and table lamps and let us know in the comments how you would use them!

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