Let your creative juices flow; Reupholster a vintage chair May 16 2013, 0 Comments


This very cool genuine vintage industrial office chair with a wooden frame and brown leather upholstery needs a bit of TLC. It is in good solid condition with all the height adjusting and swivel mechanics working smoothly. As you can see from the pics though there is tearing to the leather on the arm rests. This is easy to reupholster yourself though if you have a little know how and the time. If you don't have the know-how then you just need a little more time to learn how! There is tons of information available online so any rookie can get the know how they need for the job. There are upholstery projects of all different shapes, sizes and complexities but the techniques are the same for all. 




It’s only natural that frequently used pieces of furniture start to show signs of wear and tear over time. This typically tends to show on the areas of most use such as arm rests and seat bottoms of chairs. The frame is still usually as good as the day it was made (they made them to last back then!) so give new life to an ageing chair by reupholstering it.  



The biggest decision is whether to restore it to its traditional former look or personalise it with a touch of flair outside what would have been the norm for the original. This chair was traditionally leather but just picture it with a colourful pattern upholstery and a industrial vintage style light to match. The traditional wood frame contrasted with the right choice of a contemporary colourful pattern can bring a whole new spin to the chair.  It’s a chance to really get creative and personalise your chair to compliment your room décor and make a one of a kind statement.