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5 Unique Ways To Make Pendant Lights A Statement In Your Home

August 25, 2017

5 Unique Ways To Make Pendant Lights A Statement In Your Home

Pendant lights are fast becoming the most popular choice for statement lighting in the home. Traditionally pendant lights have been used as a single light in the middle of a room, or distributed evenly over a kitchen island bench. With the emergence of new materials and designs, the styles of pendant lights are always changing, allowing you to get creative when deciding what pendant light to use in your home. Stand out from the crowd and choose from one of the unique styling options shown below.

Create Works Of Art

Pendant lights can be used to create functional works of art. Whilst it is tempting to hang a painting on every blank wall, pendant lights can be used instead. Try hanging your pendant lights against a wall to create a three dimensional art design, or alternatively use a large unique pendant in a minimalist room instead of artwork. It will have the same effect but leave your space feeling clean and uncluttered. Our Atom Multi Light will be a conversation starter in any room of the house. 



Construct Your Own Cluster

Create your very own chandelier by clustering multiple pendant lights together. Choose odd numbers to give a more organic look. Use different cord lengths to stagger your pendants into a length you like. Cluster pendants look great over a dining table or in a corner in place of a floor lamp. 

 Cluster Pendant Lights


Get Creative With Cords

Often the most underutilised part of the light, the cord can be used to create a unique design in your home. Choose pendants with an adjustable cord to allow you enough length to play around. Try tying knots, attaching them to walls or hanging them off objects. Our Rope Swing Pendant Light hides boring cords to create a nautical design.

 Pendant Light Cord


Contrasting Combinations

Step away from uniformity by choosing different style pendant lights and using them together. By removing symmetry the eye will be immediately drawn to the pendants making them the statement of the room. If you are unsure about using different lights, start with the same pendant in a different size or colour.

 Unique Pendant Lights


Choose The Re-Used Look

Upcycling is a big trend at the moment but if you aren’t very handy at DIY projects don’t stress! You can purchase pendant lights that have an unpycled look and you didn’t even have to touch a hot glue gun. Try vintage lights with a pulley or wheel system or pendants with unusual shades such as baskets or bottles. Why not try our Carafe Glass Pendant Lights which are reminiscent of vintage decanters.

 Upcylced Pendant Lights

If you would like to see more of these images, check out our Pinterest Board - Perfect Pendant Lighting for more ideas.

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March 27, 2020

Nice Post! Pendant lights are some of the most versatile fixtures you can incorporate into your home décor, and they have the unique ability to redefine the look and feel of a room without the need for a costly remodeling project.

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