Just in: our Industrial Swing-arm Wall Light Collection

September 18, 2015

Just in: our Industrial Swing-arm Wall Light Collection

Meet our new vintage industrial wall lights

If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter you may have already seen our latest hand-picked products: swing-arm wall lights. We recently found these new vintage industrial wall lights to add to our collection, each one of them outfitted with a robust metal swing-arm. They are a perfect and stylish space-saver for your study, home office or bedroom. As usual, you can mix and match as we have both enamel, wire cage or no shade options, and four different shade materials to choose from. But no matter what you go for, this wall lighting will look just as show stopping as a pendant light or floor lamp. These are all interior wall lights, suitable for indoor use and some seriously stylish decorating! Which one is your favourite?

Swing-arm Wall Lamp

Price: $ 130.00 / $ 150.00

Options: single arm or double arm.

These industrial wall lights are perfect for that bare modern industrial style. Just pick a vintage bulb to your taste and you’re ready to go! The single arm tilts up and down as well as swivels left and right. The double arm has the same swivel point at the sconce, plus three articulated joints to the lamp holder. With both models, the joints can easily be locked into place without any tools. Above, it has been fitted with our LED tear drop Edison-style bulb to create a pleasantly warm glow. Perfect for lighting up dark corners and reading nooks!

Wire Cage Swing-arm Wall Light

Price: $ 168.00 / $ 170.00 / $ 188.00 / $ 190.00

Options:Single arm or Double arm; Copper cage, Matt Black cage, Rusty cage or Antique Brass cage.

If you prefer a shade but still would like to keep the open look, you could consider a wire cage shade. This way you can customise your swing-arm wall light not just with a single or a double arm, but also with a shade in a characteristic material. Go for matt black or copper for a modern industrial look, or for rusty or antique brass for a vintage industrial style. Whatever you choose, this flexible wire cage lighting fixture easily adds a touch of industrial flair to your space, whether it is used in a shop, restaurant, café or at home.

Industrial Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Price: $ 165.00 / $ 185.00

Options: Single arm or Double arm; Black Enamel or Polished Aged Copper

Perhaps the most vintage out of the industrial wall lights bunch, these models with classic shades in back enamel or polished aged copper fit with a wide range of interior styles. They are multidirectional like the others and so great for task lighting activities such as working or reading. Have one installed above your desk, in your reading nook or on your kitchen wall. Their timeless industrial appeal will give your space an undeniably cool vintage touch!

Did you like our new swing-arm wall light collection and are you curious to see what else we have got in store for you? View our othervintage industrial wall lights!


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