5 Mother’s Day Gifts she’ll Love

May 07, 2015

5 Mother’s Day Gifts she’ll Love

Our 2015 Mother’s day gift ideas for Australia 

Here in Australia, we celebrate Mother’s day on the 2nd Sunday of May like most other countries. Every year, we try and spoil our mums with a thoughtful present to show them how much we love them. But after so many years, you might find it hard to find an original gift. To help you out, we’ve selected the 5 best Mother’s day gift ideas from our collection. With these stylish lights, you’re guaranteed to really surprise her!

1. Crown Her.

She’s the Queen of the House, and should be treated as such! This vintage marquee light in the shape of a crown is a fun, light-hearted Mother’s day gift. Looks great hung on the wall or casually leaning against the wall, either on a side table or on the floor.

2. Have A Party.

Why settle for a Mother’s day gift when you can have a party? Invite family around, treat her to a home-cooked dinner and festively decorate the room. And afterwards, she can keep the festoon lights. For future celebrations.

3. Because she’s picky, but you love her

Would you love to give your mum a unique Mother’s day gift, but are you afraid you might buy something she won’t like? Buy her a pendant light with wall plug, and tell her she can decide how to finish off the gift with a shade of her liking. Bakelite, enamel, or one of those cool cage guard shades? It’s all up to her.

4. To Poke a Little Fun

All mums need a time-out from time to time, right? This light-hearted Mother’s day gift gives yours the opportunity to close Hotel Mum - just for the evening. These tributes to the classic backlight vintage signs are Australian handmade wooden lightboxes and an original gift for the one who cared for you for so long.

5. A Diamond In The Rough

The ultimate Mother’s day gift idea to show what your mum really is: a diamond in the rough. This pretty diamond-shaped light bulb is a reminder of your appreciation for the years of selfless care and love she gave you, and the exceptional person she is to you.

So, these are our five Mother’s day gift ideas for 2015. What are you getting your mum? Let us know in the comments below!

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