5 Questions to Ask for the Best Way to Light a Room

April 17, 2015

5 Questions to Ask for the Best Way to Light a Room

If you’re looking for some home lighting ideas for the best way to light a room, then we’re happy to hand you some pointers. When redoing the lights in a particular room (or decorating a room from scratch), it’s good to ask yourself some questions first. Placement, style and function are important things to consider before actuallybuying your lighting. Write the following things down for yourself, and you’re much better prepared to do some shopping!

1. What do I do in this room?

Lighting is first and foremost a practical feature in your home. That’s why the best way to light a room depends a great deal on what type of activities you do in it. Apart from the general overhead light, consider where you need to put smaller task lighting. A light above the sink that illuminates your face and the mirror, a reading light on your night stand, a pendant light above your dining table, etc. This way, you can safely and comfortable use the room at night.

2. Is there anything I want to emphasize?

Don’t forget about your beautiful artwork when the sun goes down! By highlighting them with accent lights they get the attention they deserve in the evening, too. Light can also be used to emphasize more unusual features such as the texture of a brick wall or lines created by cabinets, beams and other architectural elements. Indirect lighting pulls the viewer’s focus towards these things and can be a beautiful enhancement to your interior.

3. Are there any dark areas?

There may be areas in the room that you don’t need for a specific activity, or aren’t filled with an object you want to emphasize. This means they’re quite dark when you apply task and accent lighting alone. Corners are especially infamous in this respect. Unlit areas like these will make your room feel unwelcoming and unpleasant. So make sure every part of the room is reached with light. Layering your lights helps doing this - placing lights at various heights throughout the room.

4. Do my lights dim?

One of the most cost-effective home lighting ideas is installing dimmers in your home. Their big bonus is that they give your lights the ability to multitask. When working, you can have your general light at full strength. But when relaxing, you might want to turn it down a notch for a more casual atmosphere. This also gives you the opportunity to make decorative table lights for example stand out more.

5. What style do I want?

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s a good idea to carefully consider which style of lighting you pick if you want to light a room in the best way possible. Not only should it fit your taste, it also has to be a good match for the other furniture and style elements in the room. This doesn’t necessarily mean it should all be in the same design style, but you do have to make sure the interior is in balance. Have a theme, material or colour unite everything, for example “black”, “vintage”, “industrial”, “wood”, etc.

These five questions should help you to find the best way to light a room. Do you have some home lighting ideas of your own? Please share them with your fellow readers in the comments!

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