Is there such a thing as country chic decor?

March 20, 2015

Is there such a thing as country chic decor?

The short answer to this question is: yes. The long answer is: yes, but nobody seems able to pinpoint exactly what country chic décor is. In this blog, we’d like to offer you our definition and a few good examples of what this modern country style looks like.

What is country chic?

The basis of country chic décor is, of course, a country interior. This in itself is a very broad style, but can generally be described as an interior dominated by white and muted colours, with basic furniture, vintage fabrics and natural materials. The addition of ‘chic’ suggests that the décor is more elegant and perhaps modern in style. Country can sometimes have quite a lot of frills and clutter. Country chic décor is a more calm, balanced and above all cleaner version of this.

How to create a country chic décor

Farmhouses, cottages and other historic countryside buildings are perfect for country chic décor. To create the look, the first thing to keep in mind is to keep things basic. The above mentioned country elements should be organised in a way that doesn’t look cluttered. Furthermore, try to select furniture with clean lines. Worn, vintage pieces are still fine, but try to have a few more refined items, too.

Adding more chic to your country interior can be done with any kind of elegant interior element. Below, we’ll give you some examples where lighting, along with a clean set-up, has done the job. Because lights are easy to replace and, well, because it’s what we do best! These images should give you an idea of the effect of replacing a few lights that are too frilly with some more elegant ones. Stick to a vintage style to stay in tune with the country charm. Good luck!

Country chic elements: White walls and cabinets, wooden bar, basket, vintage pendant lights in neutral colour, glass jars, white fabric, natural wooden stools.

Suggested light: Loft ceiling pendant light.

Country chic elements: overall white, timber ceiling & floor, vintage industrial pendant lights, rustic wooden furniture, lots of light.

Suggested light: Warehouse ceiling pendant light. (In white, blue, federation green or black.)

Country chic elements: overall white; wooden floors, walls, ceilings, furniture; rustic metal bed; authentic wooden beams; vintage painting, trunk, cabinet and wardrobe.

Suggested light: Schoolhouse ceiling light – Washington.

Country chic elements: basic, robust wooden furniture; white wooden boarding; black metal features; sleek industrial lights; (natural) accessories and soft white fabrics on display.

Suggested light: Bunker wall light. (In matt silver or black.)

We hope these examples have given you a good idea of what country chic décor is! There is much this modern country style has to offer - what is your favourite element? Let us know in the comments below!


Image 1, 3, 5 & 7 via Pinterest, all others from Fat Shack Vintage.

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Ash Bibra
Ash Bibra

March 24, 2015

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Jacqueline Latham
Jacqueline Latham

March 20, 2015

Our business is and we specialise in a mix of rustic and industrial furniture and accessories.
Really enjoyed reading your article above as this is right up our street!
If you get chance, take a look at ‘Modern Rustic’ bookazine… this encapsulates Country Chic perfectly :-)

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