5 Kids’ Bedroom Decor Ideas January 09 2015, 0 Comments

Creative ideas for kids' rooms

Kids’ bedrooms require décor that’s pretty different from the rest of the house. With all their energy and creativity, they love all their rooms filled with all sorts of bright, fluffy, crazy and imaginative things that adults might not even think of. Would you love to create a fun environment for your kid but you don’t have much inspiration? Here are five kid’s bedroom ideas to help you get started:

1. Colours

It’s one of the most obvious traits of kids’ décor: colour. Let your child pick their favourite colour and work with it. If it’s particularly bright, choose a neutral floor and/or wall to compensate. Also, work with schemes. If your boy loves green, mix dark and light greens with a few greys and yellows, for example. You can buy furniture in the right colour, but also try to pay attention to the details. A coloured pendant cord against a neutral wall for example looks great.

2. Play

Let the bedroom be a place to play. Play rugs are an all-time classic. Tipis and tents are always a great way to stimulate your little ones’ imagination. You might also want to opt for more active games and install things such as a retro hookey board or small basketball basket. This does mean the rest of the room has to be a bit more sturdy and play-proof, but the fun your kids will have will be worth it!

3. Quirkiness

Kid’s love quirky stuff. A big ice-cream cone, a crazy mobile hanging from the ceiling, a ‘secret’ hut underneath their bunk bed... Try to think of kids’ bedroom ideas that stimulate the imagination, like a bulb that creates light effects on the wall. Ask your kid what he or she loves, and be inspired by it!

4. Theme

Creating a theme for your kid’s bedroom works well if he or she adores a certain game, film or story. Kids’ bedroom ideas for these are abundant: pirate, princess or police man are a few classic themes that never get old. You can go into detail as much as you want with this one. For example, buy a diamond-shaped light for your princess or put rudder-shapes knobs on your pirate’s door. The possibilities are endless!

5. Chalk

It’s an all-time favourite with kids: drawing with chalks. Give them a big canvas by covering their table, door or wall in chalkboard paint and they’ll have endless hours of fun. And not only will they have lots of space, it’s also a chance to make the drawings part of your kid’s décor. Their ‘art’ couldn’t be a more fitting decoration!

These are our five Kids’ Room Ideas. Which one are you going to try?

Images 1, 3, 5 via Pinterest, image 2 via more than scrap