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5 Outdoor String Lights Ideas to Makeover Your Outdoor Area

September 5, 2014

5 Outdoor String Lights Ideas to Makeover Your Outdoor Area

Whenever string lights get mentioned, people usually think of Christmas time. While it’s true these cheery lights suit the festive season, it’s a shame they get put away in a box for most of the year.
Because outdoor string lights can really make a difference in how your outdoor area looks. Whether you have a BBQ area, a cosy balcony, a covered patio or a big garden, festoon lights immediately infuse everything with a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Need some inspiration?
Here are 5 outdoor string lights ideas to make-over your outdoor area and showcase how to hang festoon lights.

Hang them straight down or in bows along high fences, walls, etc                

    As such they provide accent lighting and can be easily combined with other lights such as candles and pendant lights. In the patio below, the festoon lights work marvellously well with the lanterns and round pendant light to create a cosy but well-lit lounge area.
    String them along rooflines
    Stringing outdoor string lights along rooflines is a great way to accentuate architectural lines whilst also promoting an informal atmosphere. If the roofline is not too high, the string lights can be used as general lighting.

    Wrap them around railings, fences or posts

    Wrapping festoon lights around things gives an area a more light-hearted, playful look than stringing them in straight lines. Below, this narrow balcony is turned into a pleasant outdoor space for good conversation.
    String them across your outdoor area and create a ‘ceiling’

    If you have to cover larger distances, you can use sturdy clotheslines if necessary for support. When outdoor string lights form a ‘ceiling’, they are the perfect general lighting for (garden) parties, weddings, gatherings and what not!

    String them through pergolas or drape them across bushes or low-hanging tree branches.
    Mixing festoon lights with the greens of plants and trees creates a very romantic and cosy atmosphere. The leaves provide a natural dimmer, creating soft light and brighter sparks of light at the same time. Pergolas are particularly useful for support, but really any other plat, bush or tree in your garden can lead to a creative and original look.
      There are countless other outdoor string lights ideas, you can be as creative as you like!

      Are you eager to get going? With these tips and ideas why not buy led festoon lights from our online lighting store and step up your outdoor entertaining this year. We offer a large range of options and colors to suit from a vintage style string lights to Festoon Lights with Hanging Lamp Holders and Edison style globe options.
      Be sure to let us know in the comments below how you’ve done up your outdoor area - we love being inspired by others!
      All images via Onekindesign
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