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Tips to Create Vintage Chic

April 17, 2014

Tips to Create Vintage Chic

Vintage chic is a wonderfully stylish trend that brings together the nostalgia of vintage design with the light-hearted feeling of shabby chic. To get it right, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are 5 tips to create vintage chic; creating beautiful, vintage-inspired rooms at home.

Keep it Light & Bright: 

Although you don’t have to keep everything quite as bleached as with shabby chic, white or light colours as the main theme for your interior are a good starting point. It creates the perfect backdrop for eye-catching furniture and accessories that will bring your interior to life.



    Stay Classy:

    Chic stand for class. Add vintage and it become Old Class, something which can be seen as an ode to the past without being stuck in it. Classic elements such as schoolhouse pendant lights, worn framed mirrors, singer sewing tables as side tables and CFL designer bulbs add just the right amount of stylish charm to your interior lights.


      Feel the Vintage

      Here’s where the real character comes in. Go hunting for at least one star vintage furniture piece for every room. It can be an old office cabinet, intricate coffee table, factory pendant light or comfy chair that really catches the eye. Apart from that, keep an eye out for vintage fixtures, hardware and accessories. With all this, you can add a definite charm to your home that really feels authentic.



        Warm Up

        With an overall light interior, make sure you add enough warm materials so it doesn’t become too cold and sterile. Authentic materials such as wood, fabrics and leather are a must here. Whether it’s your furniture, accessories, or rugs and artwork, these materials will add the warmth that is necessary for your house to be a home and Edison style light bulbs add just the right amount of vintage charm to make a light interior stylish.



          Maintain Balance

          As with many interiors, Vintage Chic needs a balance between all these elements. If you overdose on vintage elements, your house might look like a granny’s parlour. If you go all classic, your house might lose all its warmth and friendliness. If you evenly divide weight between no. 1 – 4, you get the best of everything.

          With these 5 tips in mind, you’re well prepared to create a gorgeous vintage chic-inspired room in your home. For more ideas, check out our ranges from, pendant lights and Wall Lights!


          (Image 1 by TheBeetleshack, image 2 by MyHomeIdeas, image 3 by hgtv, image 4 by TheDesignFiles, image 5 by CountryHomeIdeas)

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