What Fan To Buy? Tips For Picking a Ceiling, Wall or Floor Fan

March 06, 2014

What Fan To Buy? Tips For Picking a Ceiling, Wall or Floor Fan

Fans are great for keeping your home cool during hot days, whilst keeping the energy bill at a reasonable level. But because they’re a practical utensil, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be stylish! Let us provide you with some tips to select a fan that’s both useful and goes well with the rest of your interior.

First of all, some practical tips. Most of you will probably want a ceiling fan, in which case you need to know at what height it should be. This is typically about eight to nine feet from the floor. (If your room is less than eight feet tall, consider getting a wall or floor fan.) As to the size of the fan (blades), you’ll need to calculate the square footage of the room. There are several guides online which will provide you with the ideal size once you know this figure.

If you still doubt between buying a floor fan, ceiling fan or wall fan, then here are some more tips with each type to help you:


Ceiling fans


Ceiling fans are typically suitable for large spaces such as your living room or bedroom. For these conditioned spaces, you can simply choose one of the many indoor fans suitable for dry environments. On the level of design, it’s really important with ceiling fans that you match it with something else in the room, as they’re already quite isolated on their own. You can do this in various ways. If you choose a fan with wooden blades, let the wood match the most predominant type of wood you have in the room. 


Floor fans & Wall fans


Floor fans and wall fans are suitable to cool smaller rooms or specific areas in a room, and sometimes are an easy alternative for a sloped or angled ceiling. For example, they could be good for a small study or bedroom. One of the big advantages to these usually smaller fans is that they can be more decorative as well as practical. For design purposes, you can treat them as any other furniture. Therefore it’s easier to experiment a bit with style and colour. However, it’s still easiest to sync floor fans and wall fans with the rest of your interior. For example, if you decide on a metallic wall fan in your bathroom, have a look around in there to see which type of metal(lic colour) is most obvious. Take into account not only the showerhead and taps, but also the knobs, mirror, utensils, etc. On a side note, if you buy a fan for your bathroom make sure it’s suitable for damp conditions.


We hope these tips have helped you decide what fan to buy for your home. Still need some more inspiration? Have a browse in our recently expanded collection of vintage style fans; there might be something in there for you!

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