Romantic lighting ideas for Valentines day February 07 2014, 0 Comments

We’re a few days into February, and we all know what that means: Valentine is coming! It’s the perfect excuse to do something romantic with your love, and there’s a million ways to do it. If you’re going for ultimate intimacy, then a quiet evening at home might be just the thing to do. Naturally a wonderful meal must be prepared, but setting the mood is just as important!

If you’re not that much of a romantic, don’t worry. We’re here to help! We’ve collected  some of the best (and easiest) romantic Valentines day ideas to put your very own home in the right mood. And what better way to do that then to turn the lights down low and bring in the atmospheric lights? So without much further ado, here are our romantic lighting ideas for 2014:


1. Small string lights in glass holders

Snuff out those Christmas lights from the attic and find some mason jars, bottles or vases. Soak the labels off with warm water if necessary, and stuff them with said lights. Tada! Instant mood lights. Put them on the table, on the night stand or – if you have multiple – even across the room. If you do like a little bit of DIY, try decorating them with (coloured) tissue paper or wax paper, for example. Why not just candles, you ask? Well, it’s simply less hassle. No waxy mess, no fire hazard, no need to light them at the last moment.


2. Shapes and words

Depending on what you’re going for, creating shapes and words with string lights can be a fun way to set the mood. Use rope lights, Christmas lights or even festoon lights  to lay a heart on the table or put the writing on the wall – literally. With pins. Seems cheesy to you? It’s that little bit of extra effort you put in that will definitely be appreciated.


3. Lights on the table

Use string lights of any kind and just drape them over the table. In a straight line like above, or in a crescent along the edges, or even in two bundles. This will light the food – and your love’s wonderful face – well enough when you want to turn the main lights off. If you feel like it needs something more, cut out some paper hearts and stick them on a string of rope. Then thread them through the string lights for an extra romantic touch.


4. Festoon lights for general lighting

Don’t have enough small atmospheric lights to keep the room lighted? Hang some festoon lighting around the room or even just above the bed or table. Perfect for creating a bold "naked" lighting statement and intimate, they’re bound to provide extra atmosphere to your cosy night together. Are you lucky enough to have a garden to use? Hang some festoon lighting in bows between trees and/or buildings. It couldn’t look any better! Don’t have any? Consider buying some festoon lighting, as they’re also the perfect thing to pull out when you’re throwing a party for friends or family


5. Veiled lights

Finally, one of our favourites romantic ideas. Dig up, buy or borrow a see-through curtain or some tule, preferably white. Let it hang down from two or multiple points over your table or bed, or beside it. Then just hang some string lights behind it. Usually Christmas lights are good, but festoon lighting can work very well, too. Et voilá! The perfect romantic setting.


With these romantic lighting ideas, we don’t think you can go wrong. What kind of Valentines day ideas are you guys going for this year?


(image 2 by allthingsheartandhome, image 3 via Megan McEwan, image 1,4 & 6 via pinterest, image 5 via Megan Moore)