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Stay Cool in Style: How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

January 22, 2016

Stay Cool in Style: How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Gone are the days when interior designers skip on ceiling fans; with the warm days kicking in, it's wiser to choose practical over the pretty. Luckily, modern day ceiling fans are more than just bulky overhead fixtures. Most of today's fans are crafted with intelligent, contemporary designs added with a touch of glamour—just enough to harmonize with your spaces. And with industrial decor becoming an interior style favourite, there's no reason why you shouldn't infuse your rooms with this classy, functional utility.

Not all fans are created equal, but you can surely find one that fits your own style and flavour. If you're looking forward to purchase a ceiling fan this season, here are a few tips that will help you pick the right product that will make your space look and feel cool.

  1. Identify the room. While most fans are created for indoor and outdoor use, you'd like your own to match your interior's style seamlessly. To find out how, define the area by its shapes and colours; curved-edged fans are perfect for soft, sophisticated rooms. Lengthy blades are well-suited for minimalist, modern spaces. If your space is more of a chameleon, purchase fans with interchangeable blade sets to refresh its look whenever you like!

  2. Size matters. Bigger is better, but not at all times. When it comes to ceiling fans, you’d want it to suit the area’s scale. For smaller rooms, a 36-inch ceiling fan is enough. Larger rooms may require fans which are 80-inch in diameter or more. You may have the option to install more than one ceiling fan to suit the area’s needs. One tip: look for its velocity preference for better efficiency.

  3. Made for all seasons. Your ceiling fan is equipped to aid your HVAC - heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; (and hence, cut down your utility bills by 30%!) during cold and warm seasons. The secret is the direction of the blade's rotation. During summer, rotate it counter-clockwise to help cool the area. If you flip the direction setting during winder, warm air is pushed inside the room, giving you a temperate, cosy temperature.

  4. High or low. Made to match your ceiling’s height, your ceiling fan can be installed in your desired apogee (as long as it complies to the local building standards). However, one thing to consider is the gap—the blades should be at least 30m away from the ceiling for it to move without intrusions. There are specific series made for high ceilings, low ceilings, sloped areas and even outdoors; making it easy for you to find the right option!

  5. Choose the best built. Modern ceiling fans are constructed from a wide variety of materials: you name it—plastic, steel, and even wood. Blades are crafted with different finishes ranging from solid wood, laminated veneers, smoked acrylic and high lustre colours. Consider these materials for your fan usage; some variants create constant buzzes while others have quieter performance.

  6. Double duty. If you’re into versatility, why not buy a ceiling fan equipped with modern day industrial lights? It’s like hitting two birds in one stone; this great investment allows you to create a lovely focal point for your room, without adding too many fixtures on the ceiling.

Take a look at these inspired interiors making practical and tasteful use of ceiling fans

This ceiling fan recreates a nostalgic, steam-punk look on a vibrant, shabby chic interiorThis  ceiling fan recreates a nostalgic, steam-punk look on a vibrant, shabby chic interior

ceiling fans in the bedroom, suits all decor even countryside backdropHow about an  industrial approach to a serene, countryside backdrop? 

woven blades in a ceiling fan in a villa-inspired spaceThe  woven blades create a harmonious statement against the beautiful, villa-inspired furniture of this space. 

ceiling fans used in summer and winter to help circuate air flowA comfortable couch in front of a fireplace benefits from the rustic charm of its  ceiling fan


use a white ceiling fan to match your interior's style seamlessly
This modern contemporary lounge is highlighted by splashes of pink, a gold-embellished mirror and a  white ceiling fan  

    These tips should give you a good start as to how to pick the right ceiling fan that will make your space look and feel cool. Do you have a ceiling fan in your home? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

    Images via FSV and our “Ceiling Fans” Pinterest board.

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