Things You’ll Need for a Foolproof Outdoor Party

November 25, 2016

Things You’ll Need for a Foolproof Outdoor Party

The weather is warming up to a cosy. And doesn't the outdoors look inviting? It's the perfect time to gather your favourite people. An outdoor party sounds like a good idea, but you've got doubts on keeping it perfect. Don't worry; we've laid out a guide on how to manage that little backyard bash, and you can do it flawlessly with this bag of tricks:

Decorate the destination

A great outdoor party doesn't have to be elaborate. Use some festoon lights to set the mood. More at

A great outdoor party doesn't have to be elaborate. You do need, however, a lovely backdrop to use. Your backyard could fit twenty to thirty people, and wouldn't it be nice to set-up a festive atmosphere for them? Here are the few items you might need:

  1. A patio umbrella or canopy, when holding the party during daytime. This will give enough shade for the food and guests. Also, it adds a nice, decorative touch to your outdoor space.
  2. Two or more tables. Prepare a separate table for the buffet, pantry essentials, and for the guests to sit around and enjoy the food without obstruction. You can decorate it with glasses topped with fresh flowers, or a flower float—a large bowl, half-filled with water and a few peonies floating on top. The little details matter!
  3. Enough chairs. Know the number of your guests to ensure that each has a spot of their own. If your outdoor seating is not enough, bring out your poufs and dining chairs. For kids, you may want to keep them in picnic style—spread out a large throw over the grassy ground and decorate it with pinwheels around.

What's on the table?

you don’t have to be overly extravagant with your outdoor party. After all, it’s all about the company and festoon lights to set the mood. More at

  1. Pretty plates and cups. Instead of the usual china, replace it with melamine dinner ware. This lightweight substitute is safer to use (no more fear of breaking a plate) and easier to clean afterwards. When decorating a table, wrap the cutlery in a napkin for the guests' convenience. Tie it up with a ribbon to make it look polished!
  2. Bring out a bar cart. Make the buffet table less busy by creating a pantry of essentials: plates, glasses, cutlery, drink dispenser and ice. When your supply runs low, you can easily wheel it back to the kitchen and replenish.
  3. Food first. Let's admit it; parties are all about food. You want to make sure that your guests have enough fill. The best way to do that? Reorganize your buffet by placing salads, chips and fruit at the beginning. End with more complex food items. In effect, this helps you stretch your meals. Don't forget to pack on some candy for the kids!
  4. Bug alert! Keep the insects off your food by using wire mesh covers. One brilliant tip for drinks: place cupcake liners upside down to cover glasses. Another method you can use? Scatter citronella candles all over the venue for a refreshing scent that steers bugs away.

The obvious essentials:

Great ambience created by festoon lights. More found at

  1. Marvellous music. A good playlist will keep the party in high spirits. Prepare a mixtape of you and your guests’ favourite tunes for everyone to dance along with. Include chill, summer vibe music to complete the experience.
  2. Bright lights. Outdoor parties are more beautiful during sunset, as the sky spreads out a darker mix of colours. In turn, embellish your backyard with outdoor lights. We suggest a string of festoon lights to hang overhead. Add more whimsy by installing colourful lanterns or portable fire burners.
  3. No, you don’t have to be overly extravagant with your outdoor party. After all, it’s all about the company. Make sure they have fun by creating a soiree with good food, a festive mood, and a lovely background to celebrate in.
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Images via FSV and our Festoon Lighting - Outdoor Festoon Lights Pinterest Board.

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