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The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

May 23, 2018

The Best Lighting For Your Ceiling Type

Like houses, ceilings come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing a ceiling light it is important to take into account the size, shape and design of your ceilings to ensure the light fits in perfectly. If not, the light could impact the design of the room or the proportions. See our recommendations for the best lighting options for your ceiling type.

Vaulted, Shed or Cathedral Ceiling

Slanted ceiling light

Image via Pinterest

If you are affixing a light to a slanted surface you will need a shoulder joint on your light fitting in order for the light to hang straight. If not your ceiling rose will be on an angle and your light will hang awkwardly. The shoulder joint uses gravity to adjust to the angle size of the ceiling and lets your pendant light hang correctly.  See our favourite slanted ceiling pendant lights here

Angled Ceiling joint



Not everyone is blessed with sky-high ceilings. Down lights are the popular choice for low ceilings however you can still get creative with your ceiling lights regardless of its size. Flush mount lights sit close to the ceiling with no hanging pendant cord ensuring your space is kept clear.  

 Diner Flush Mount Light

Diner Flush Mount Light



High ceilings

Image via Pinterest

Well aren't you lucky! Everyone desires high ceilings in their home but it can still be hard to find lighting that suits the space. If your light is too short it can throw off the proportion of the room but also render the light useless if being used as a task light. Choose light fittings that have an adjustable pendant cord or rod which allows you to adjust the length of the drop.

Cage 3 drop pendant light

Our Cage Light Chandelier 3 Drop


Period Style

With intricate details adorning the ceiling, choose vintage or luxe style lighting that enhances the beauty and ornate carvings. If you want to add a touch of vintage charm to a pendant light, the Wood Mounting Block can be attached to a ceiling rose.

Period Ceiling Pendant Light

Our Glass Pendant Light

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