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Style Tips: Beach/Coastal

January 23, 2018

Style Tips: Beach/Coastal

One thing that we can all agree on is that the beach is an integral part of Australian life. Whether you live on it, near it or just love to visit, the beach is an amazing place where many beautiful memories are created. There is something about the salty air, blue water and sand beneath the toes that instantly relaxes you. Unfortunately not all of us gets our own slice of the beach, but here's the good news: you don't have to live anywhere near the sea to enjoy it. There are many way to incorporate the beach and coastal style into your home without going overboard (pun intended). See our tips below, with some help from the experts, for creating an oasis that you can still enjoy even when winter comes. 


Rajiv from Wall Art Australia says you can bring the ocean right into your bedroom through canvas wall art which is both easy and cost effective. "High resolution landscape beach pictures depicting palm-fringed coves, moody sunsets and aqua waters lapping onto golden sands will make your home feel like a tropical paradise, even if you are miles away from the beach. An eye-catching print can be a key element in your nautical accessories for creating a beautiful coastal look". If you want to be more subtle, using beach inspired prints of coral or abstract paintings featuring turquoises, aquas and whites will make your room feel fresh and coastal without being too obvious.

Beach Hallway

Image via Pinterest 


If you want to keep all of your existing furniture, art work and decor items, you can use lighting to bring a certain theme to your space. Choose lighting which features beachy materials like wicker, rope and glass. Hang large basket lighting above a dining table or kitchen island bench or use table lamps if you want a more subtle look. Our Wicker Ceiling Light will create a relaxing tropical vibe in any room in the house whilst the Rope Base Table Lamp brings the nautical charm. Whether you want a Hamptons, nautical or tropical resort feel, lighting can bring your space to life.


Image via Pinterest

Not just for indoors, choose coastal inspired lighting for the outside of your house too. The Canal Outdoor Wall Light is inspired by the lighting used to guide canal boats up and down narrow waterways. The aged bronze finish adds to the authenticity of the light. The Norfolk Outdoor Glass Wall Light will give a sophisticated Hamptons style feel to any outdoor space. These lights would look great on either side of a front door and give your home kerb appeal. 

 Coastal House

Image via Pinterest

Soft Furnishings

Compliment your decor by choosing materials such as linen, rope and other woven fabrics to add another element of coastal chic to your home. Linen and bamboo bed sheets are fast becoming a staple in households as they both look great and work well in hot weather. Take inspiration from the beach itself and pair neutral earthy colours with different shades of blues. Wall hangings made using macrame will introduce a relaxed boho feel and are great options for decorating plain walls in an instant without having to paint. 

Wall Hanging Bedroom

Image via Pinterest

If your flooring doesn't reflect the beach style, why not add a rug. They are an inexpensive and easy way to "change" your flooring. Rugs can have a big impact on the style of a room and can be just as important as paint colour. Different types of rugs will bring out a particular beach style. Flat rugs with stripes in blue and white will create a truly nautical or Hamptons beach house feel or if you want more of a beach shack/boho feel, woven or high pile rugs are the way to go. 

Beach house

Image via Pinterest


A great way to give your room the authentic beach feel is to use objects directly from nature. By utilising trinkets you have picked up from your beach holiday, you are also keeping the memopry alive by displaying them around your home.

Rhonda Billett-Haire from Ocean Nomad Australia says "Seashells bought or collected in glass vases, a candle sitting on a bed of sand, a collection of white seabird feathers and palm fronds from the garden all create the theatrics of the beach feel in your home". As suggested, display these items in glass jars, vases, bowls, glue them to canvases or stick onto woven baskets.

Beach Decor

Image via Pinterest 

Colour Schemes

Taking inspiration from your favourite images of the beach will help you find the perfect colour scheme for your space. Find a photo you love, pull colours from the image and match the colours of that image to paint colours. This will give you a good place to start hen choosing the colour palette for your room.

Colour palette

Image via Pinterest

For a subtle nod to the beach style, start with a neutral base - think sandy beige and crisp white for walls, carpets, couches and any other large furnishings in your room. From there you can add in subtle touches of blue and greens on pillows, art work and other small decor items. Alternatively you can go the opposite way. Paint a bold coloured feature wall and keep your accessories neutral. 

Beach living room

Image via Pinterest

Blue room 

Image via Adore Home Magazine

Don't forget the exteriors! Paint can create a coastal look for the outside of your home too. Dark navy, grey or beige with white trim will give your house a timeless sophisticated look. Nothing says beach house more than a weatherboard exterior but if you have a brick house, you can get the same coastal look by painting your bricks and trims different colours. Team your newly painted facade with plants like palms, yakkas and franjipani trees to compliment your home.

Weatherboard house

Image via Dulux Australia

Grey brick house

Image via Three Birds Renovations

Always remember there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating a room or designing a house. The most important things is that you create a space that you will enjoy for years to come!

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