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Soft LED Filament Bulbs: Fresh from Fat Shack Vintage

June 29, 2016

Soft LED Filament Bulbs: Fresh from Fat Shack Vintage

Picking a light bulb is more than just grabbing one from the store and plugging it into the base. There are many factors to consider in order to produce the right amount of radiance in an area. You also want to take note of the light's wattage, energy consumption and of course, longevity. As a practical homeowner, it is essential to maximize your light bulbs as well as your budget. Now, we've talked about the best options in the market: incandescent light bulbs, CFL bulbs and what we have considered as the smartest choice, LED light bulbs. However, a new innovation completely tops our list, and it is the first of its own here in Australia, found exclusively only on Fat Shack Vintage.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you a series of beautiful, vintage-inspired soft LED filament bulbs.

But first, what are soft LED filament bulb?

LED filament bulbs are innovative lighting options, crafted to look like their nostalgic incandescent counterparts while using a new, lasting technology. Small LED emitting elements are arranged in a decorative manner in a soft filament design enclosed in a clear bulb. Some of these filaments are arranged in different shapes and sizes to produce a wonderful imagery while glowing. Soft LED filament bulbs take this technology up a notch; flexible, pliable filaments are now bent into continuous lengths, creating loops of lights without any breaks. This offers an additional artistic factor in the light bulb, making it a great lighting solution for high-end retail stores, cafes and restaurants, as well as beloved private spaces.

Fat Shack Vintage is proud to bring you the first collection of soft LED filament bulbs in the Australian market, and this comes in three varieties. Take a look at our new offerings and rediscover the LED light bulb in a whole new way!

The Teardrop Spiral LED Filament Bulb:

LED Bulb - Teardrop Spiral LED Filament Bulb 4W 2200K use in bedroom lights, pendant lights, kitchen lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps LED Bulb - Teardrop Spiral LED Filament in bakelite shade use for kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting.

This soft filament LED bulb sparkles with a beautiful, continuous coil, within the shape of a teardrop bulb that can be beautifully hung on a pendant light, underneath a batten light or within a floor lamp or table lamp. Elegant and sophisticated, these extraordinary illuminations will surely make a statement, especially on your pendant light or in your table lamp, as they consume less energy. Our recommendation? Pair this with a cage pendant light for a exposed vintage appeal.


The Quad Loop LED Filament Bulb:

LED Bulb - Quad Loop Round LED Filament Bulb 4W 2200K ideal for cafe lighting, bedroom lighting, home lighting, restarurant fitouts Australian first soft filament LED bulb. Dimmable. Four loops in LED filament bulb. For pendant light or on a string of festoon lights

Four loops are nestled in the very heart of this round and smart LED filament bulb. Short and stubby enough to be cradled inside your shaded pendant light or on a string of festoon lights, it glows with a beautiful decorative effect without overpowering the decor. Fat Shack Vintage recommends pairing it with a ceiling pendant light or use it as a series of festoon string lights for that romantic effect.


The Cross Loop Teardrop LED Filament Bulb:

The latest in LED technology to Australia are these cross loop LED filament bulbs. These soft filament LED bulbs have been designed to emanate the classic Edison incandescent filament bulb LED Bulb - Teardrop Cross Loop LED Filament Bulb. Soft LED filament. Dimmable led bulb. LED light globes. LED light bulbs.

An elongated light bulb with a fascinating cross-loop design, this soft filament LED is sure to be a stunner. The Edison-inspired shape makes it a great item to be paired with your industrial lighting, such as a cage design or a warehouse ceiling pendant light. It beams to a complete angle of 360 degrees and offers a clear light output of 160 Lumens.

All of our soft LED filament bulbs come with two base type options. Choose from bayonet or screw-in types and conveniently install it into your favourite industrial lighting decor. Each light bulb lasts an average of 20,000 hours and being under 4 watts they have a low energy consumption so environmentally friendly. Our soft LED filament bulbs are also dimmable and can produce a radiant, or an ambient effect, depending on your liking. 

Love this new series? Sound off your thoughts by commenting below!

Images via FSV LED Light Bulbs Pinterest board. 

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